TikTok Loading Screen — Here’s How To Get It

Are you curious to know the logic behind TikTok Loading Screen? If yes, then you have reached the most appropriate spot. Keep reading and know what the brainy heads form TikTok have come up with.

With rapidly increasing number of content creators, it isn’t easy to get views and hearts on your videos. If you want to have a considerable number of followers count then you have to come with unique content to impress your followers.

If you are coming up with old content ideas and if you are repeating content on your account then you might not be able to retain your followers. People on TikTok look for unique content and they have multiple options to choose from. So, to retain your followers and to reach new audience you have to come up with unique ideas.

In order to lead the race of creativity, content creators come up with unique ideas every day. Their brainy heads never let us get bored. Currently, TikTok community is obsessed with the TikTok Loading Screen trend.  The video trend has forced so many users to refresh their internet routers. Here is how the viral TikTok Loading Screen has confused so many users on the video sharing app.

What Is TikTok Loading Screen

Image Of What Is TikTok Loading Screen

TikTok Loading Screen is a video trend that displays TikTok Loading Green Screen during a video. After watching the video Most of the users think if it’s a software glitch, remaining relate it to poor internet connectivity. It is a quite technical trend that cannot be completed using TikTok app alone. You will need another app to complete this video trend.

While scrolling through your Tokfeed you might have noticed videos getting stuck in the middle, displaying TikTok green loading screen. This is just a video effect with an image of green loading screen of TikTok. If you have good editing skills then you can excel this trend right away.

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How To Do The TikTok Loading Screen 2021

Coming up with your own video might be a bit difficult if you are not good at editing. But, there is an application that will help you in this cause. Firstly you have to have to head towards PlayStore to download the application known as “CapCut”.

Like other normal applications, download CapCut and install it. Get registered by providing the details it asks for. Once you are done with the installation process, open the app. Now, on your screen you will get to see a plus icon with text “New Project”, tap on it. Select the video you want to edit from your camera roll, now stop the video on the point where you want to apply the effect.

Now start editing the video by tapping on Split video option and select the part where you want to apply the effect. Scroll through the effects and tap on the effect that says, “Freeze”. Now, go back and open YouTube, search for TikTok green screen loading and hit enter.

Tap on the second video and you will get a short video with green loading screen. Download it using any video downloader. Go back to CapCut app and click on the option “Overlay”.  Select the video you downloaded from YouTube, zoom the video to cover the full screen.

Next, select the option Chroma key and drag the circle to green color in the center. Select intensity and make it hundred percent. Adjust the green screen video to the frozen part of video. Once you have edited it, click on top right to save the video. The video is ready to be rolled over TikTok.

Bottom line

This was all about the viral video trend TikTok Loading Screen. Drop your comments in the below comment box to let us know if this article was helpful or not.

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