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Tired of your weekly 9-5 grind and searching for a good read? If yes then, The Warmest Romance Novel is here for you. You can read the full novel online and the best thing is you don’t even have to pay a single penny. Just keep scrolling the article and get your hands on the full story.

The Warmest Romance is a Chinese novel that revolves around the life of story’s female protagonist Ruan Shishi. The story articulates how a convenient marriage looks like. It also tells about how it feels to be together with your partner and still be emotionless.

The story starts when Ruan Shishi, the female lead character is being pushed by her mother to go on a blind date. Little did Ruan Shishi know that this date was going to change her entire life.

Ruan Shishi was broken and alone, she was not ready to fall in love. Seeing her disappointed face, her mother forces her to make new friends and date some of them so that she could fulfill her needs and come back to life.

The Warmest Romance

Image Of The Warmest Romance

Though Ruan Shishi was not feeling comfortable, but she listens to her mother and decides to go on a blind date. She was not aware about what is going to happen next. The female lead character encounters a guy whom she never thought of dating. This was a blind date so, she was not aware about whom she is going to see next.

Despite of nervousness she somehow manages to go on the date. Our female lead character is a sensible, mature and a beautiful woman but this time her legs were trembling with nervousness. The reason behind avoiding men and dates was her past relationship that broke her from inside.

Due to this entire situation she feels depressed but her mother wants her to enjoy her life. Being an obedient child, she couldn’t deny her mother’s orders so she is now waiting for her date in a restaurant with shaky hands and legs.

The Warmest Romance Ruan Shishi

Image Of The Warmest Romance Ruan Shishi

Though she had a relationship in past but this is the first time she is on a blind date. Her nervousness can be seen through her expressions and almost everyone sitting around her in the restaurant noticed it.

The very next moment she noticed Yu Yimo, heading towards the table. Yes, her blind date is with no other than the CEO she works under. He is the CEO of a large company worth billions of dollars. This was something she never expected and her nervousness kept climbing. Ruan felt numb when she finds Yu Yimo’s handsome face right next to her. Shishi was not ready for a relationship with her CEO.

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The Warmest Romance Novel Read Online Free

They both kept talking over general things and suddenly Yu Yimo proposes her for marriage. This was something Ruan wasn’t expecting, she feels nauseous and her head was spinning. Seeing her condition, Yu Yimo adds that he just wants her to be his wife and there will be no emotions in their relationship.

Shishi Ruan considers his proposal and they get married on the same day. Shishi was not aware about what was she going to face later, but she accepts his request without even giving it a second thought. Would it be a wrong decision?

How would they manage to live together without having emotions in their heart? Why Yu Yimo proposed her and why Ruan accepted his proposal right away? To know answers of all these questions, and to know more about their married life, keep reading the novel online.

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