TikTok Profile Picture Glitch — What’s Wrong With TikTok

In some recent days TikTok users have experienced TikTok Profile Picture Glitch. Are you one of those who are trying to add a new profile picture but unable to do so? Have you got a grey circle instead of you pfp on TikTok? Want to know the back story? If yes, then we are here with answers to all your questions. Keep reading and get to know all the facts behind TikTok Profile Picture Glitch.

TikTok is among the leading social media application as it is being followed by millions of users from almost every corner of world. Being an extensive platform it has always faced issues in terms of quality content. It has also faced banning in several countries due to poor content. Though the platform is meant to be used by people above 18 years, but so many minors are also active on this video sharing application.

As the video sharing Chinese app is facing a glitch, users have taken it to other social media platforms. Most of them are curious to know if the problem is being faced widely or its just troubling them only. If you are among those users who are curious to know then keep scrolling.

What Is TikTok Profile Picture Glitch

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Several users on TikTok have lost their profile pictures and they are being replaced by a grey circle. People are probing on internet to know the cause but they are unable to find any valid reason. According to some users the reason behind this glitch is that, TikTok is currently working on removing all the bots from their platform. A user has shared his curiosity on twitter using the following words,

“Wth goin on w the TikTok profile picture,” Following this another user added “TikTok is annoying me so much, just wanted to change my profile pic & now I’m stuck with a grey circle,”

TikTok is the most popular social media application and hence there also are millions of bot users on this platform. Using these accounts people are sharing sexually explicit pictures for their profile picture. This has disturbed so many users and TikTok has received millions of requests to remove such content.

In a Twitter post, a TikTok user has confirmed the above statement using the following words,

“TikTok is going through a TEMPORARY stage of banning profile pictures due to a young girl having her private part as the image, and other young users following her lead. It’ll restore. The bots are just doing their work”

How To Fix TikTok Profile Picture Glitch

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As the TikTok users are unable to change their profile pictures, they are trying to figure out if they’ve violated some rules, or are being penalized. Luckily, this is not the case. Some people have suggested TikTok to fix the issue as its annoying so many users worldwide. A Twitter user has tweeted using the following words,


So many users are searching to get this problem fixed but none of them have found the solution. Many users have reinstalled the application but the problem still prevails. There is no information about until when the problem will be fixed. All you need to do is wait! Because TikTok is trying to make the platform a safe space for everyone.

Here is another twitter post by a TikTok user which suggests the users to wait until the problem is fixed. The Tweet says,

“If you can’t change your TikTok profile picture, hang tight. TikTok is currently undergoing millions of bots changing their pfp to CP and other inappropriate images.”

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Bottom Line

It was all about the TikTok Profile Picture Glitch. Hope the article has answered all your questions. Comment below to let us know if the information provided was helpful or not.

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