TikTok Room Awards 2020 — Vote Your Favorite Star Now

Right after its launch the Chinese social media application, TikTok has become a big hit. Considering the application’s popularity TikTok Room Awards 2020 will be conducted very soon. Want to know more about the event? Scroll down and read the article till the end.

With rising popularity of TikTok so many people emerged as TikTok stars and they become quite famous among the TikTok community. Thanks to TikTok Room Instagram account for letting us know with all the new dramas happening on TikTok.

TikTok Room Instagram account is owned by 2 teenagers both met online. The account is quite popular among the Instagram community and its followers have grown to 1.8 million till now. This platform has all information related to the TikTok world. For the first time in history, you can now vote for your favorite TikTok stars.

What Is TikTok Room Awards 2020

Image Of What Is TikTok Room Awards 2020

TikTok Roomis an Instagram account that has took the responsibility to break every single news related to TikTok world. This account is going to conduct their own TikTok awards ceremony. The news related to TikTok awards was announced on Wednesday (November 25) using following words: “Voting starts this Friday #ttrawards2k20.”

TikTok stars from all around the globe are nominated for different categories. The voting session has started from Friday, November 27th. The award ceremony will commence today. TikTok users from all around the world are divided into the following 28 categories.

Best style (Female) (male), couple

Funniest TikToker/ collab

Best dancer (female)

Best dancer (male)

Least problematic (female)

Least problematic (male)

Best group/duo

Most achieved (female)

Most achieved (male)

Favourite TikToker/ Influencer (female)

Favourite TikToker/ Influencer (male)

Best role model

Kindest TikToker

Most talented musician

Leading dance creator

clapbacks/ comebacks

Most Popular house

Favorite YouTuber

Most Beautiful Hair

Favorite song

Most Popular Diss track


Admired Makeup

Most positive

Most active with fans

How To Vote In The TikTok Room Awards

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If you want to vote for your favorite TikTok celebrities then you have fill the form provided on the website of TikTok Room Instagram account. Many TikTok stars have requested their fans to vote for them. Among these stars, Jacob Sartorius was first to address his fan with following words, “TikTok Room! We just went shopping, I was told I’m nominated for something on Saturday. Go vote, go vote, go vote!”

Following this, the most popular TikTok star has Charli D’Amelio also addressed her followers with the following words, “Hello it is Charli D’Amelio,” she added. “And there is a special award show going on Saturday so make sure that you guys go vote!”

Other TikTok celebrities including Nessa Barrett, Loren Gray, Sissy Sheridan, Vinnie, and Bryce Hall, also has added their videos requesting the fans to support. You can support your favorite entertainer by checking TikTok Room’s link in bio. You can also follow this award series using the Hash Tag #ttrawards2k20. This is the best opportunity for fans to show all the love they have for their favorite stars.

The TikTok Room Awards are the first social media awards known so far. Fans are eagerly waiting for the results as they all want their favorite stars to win.

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Concluding Remarks

The award series like TikTok Room Awards 2020 are the first social media awards that will held on November 28th 2020. These awards will encourage the content creators to come with more Innovative and entertaining content. This was all about the contest. We hope that the article has provided enough details related to the award show. Good Luck for the results Folks!

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