Among Us Proximity Chat – The Guide

Among Us Game is becoming famous with each passing moment because has always something new for the gamers. So now it has Among Us Proximity Chat.

Among Us Proximity Chat is a new feature in Among Us which has gained a lot of traction among internet community. This is basically a facility to chat or communicate with the player outside of the meeting.

Among Us Proximity Chat

The Among Us chat mod is available for both type of players; the crewmates and Imposters. Also, you can chat with anyone playing at the moment of time.

This chat mod has proved very significant for crewmates because it enables them to identify other crewmates and thus single out the Imposters. Thus hunting Imposters has become very easy. However, the same strategy can also be used by Imposters making it difficult for the crewmates.

How to Get Among Us Proximity Chat

The Among Us Mod is now available online. Previously, it was only available to the online content creators. You just need to download a CrewLink app on your system.

Image of among us voice chat update

There are some steps given below to download it. This will enable gamers to get everyone playing Among Us with the proximity voice chat mod.

Download the latest .exe file [CrewLink-Setup-#.#.#.exe

Now, install the CrewLink mod (Just be careful that it may not get attacked by any virus)
Launch Among Us through the CrewLink mod interface

Host or join a game

One final note is that for the CrewLink mod to work all players must be using the mod in the server, so make sure everyone who joins has installed the mod as well.

Please also see the video below for the detailed instructions to download and install the Crewlink Mod.

Troubleshooting Problems with the App

So, this process of running Crewlink mod in the server may originate some of the issues. If you face issues in running or starting the app then you need to check a few things.

The foremost thing is to make sure that latest version of the mod is available. Keep checking for the new releases. Also the latest non-beta patch for Among Us should be functional. Other thing to note is that your micropone and keypad are properly connected and detected by the mod.

The mod itself also lets players adjust some of their options, including changing their connected voice server. The string of numbers that comes with the mod is the mod-makers own server, and it does have a limited capacity.

You can also follow this link for downloading your own voice server. This may involve installing other programs but it is worth it is worth it because it allows proper running of Among Us with Chat option.

Image of among us proximity chat mobile

Proximity chat is but one part of NodePolus, a server-side implementation being created by its developers Sub, Tr4cer, and Sombrio.

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The Among Us Proximity Chat is a great option to facilitate the game. The among Us mod has been made accessible for free by a person named Ottomated (@Ottomated_ on Twitter). He recently posted on 22nd November 2020,

“I’ve finished making a free, OPEN SOURCE Among Us proximity voice chat application. No custom server required.”


– Ottomated (@Ottomated_) 

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