What are TikTok Testers? And How to Become a TikTok Tester? Explained

Social media platforms play vital role to entertain people. When someone is free and has nothing to do they get into social media platforms to pass time. On social media, we find everything, even if someone needs information regarding anything it is the best source to visit. In this article we will focus on, what are TikTok Testers?

All over the world, there are 3.80 billion social media users and TikTok alone has 800 million. TikTok is popular among the young generation. TikTok has not disclosed its demographic data, but more than ninety percent of TikTok users are certainly below 30 years’ age. This platform is mainly used for entertaining content including dancing, memes, mimicry, lip-sync, and acting.

What are TikTok Testers?

Every social media platform which providesl videos as content tends to improve their platform from time to time. To improve the existing app, the developers, add new features. Before adding new features, the testers provide necessary feedback regarding the app. From the users’ point of view, the testers had more experience of using video sharing platforms.

The tester uses the beta version of the TikTok app, so they have plus point to check all the features including features that are in the experimental phase and feature which are yet to unfold officially. If someone thinks they can do this testing work, then they should join them as a TikTok Tester.

Procedure to Join as TikTok Testers

If someone really can do testing work and wants to join as a TikTok tester, then they have to go through below given procedure.

Go to the TikTok app and log-in to your account.

Then you have to click on the ‘me tab’ given at bottom of the right-hand side.

You will see three dots on top of the right-hand side column, tap on it. It is also called the Privacy and Safety page.

Image of what is TikTok Testers

Then a new window will open automatically, scroll down to the end of the window where you will find the option “Join TikTok Tester”, just tap on it.

After taping you will get the Join TikTok Tester page open, there you will see, sign- up option is given. Here sign-up with your Google account.

In the end, you will receive an update to the TikTok app if you have already installed it. Otherwise, you have to download it from Google Play Store. Don’t be rush, to receive update it can take a while.

Advantages for TikTok Testers

Many of the people may think to do this testing they will get paid, but actually no, no one gets paid for this work. But there are many other advantages to be TikTok Tester and they are as under.

Being a tester you will have the opportunity to use the new upcoming features of TikTok in advance, this means you can use the features which are not part of the official app yet.

Well if you had used TikTok for a long time and you have pointed out any issue with the app then you can suggest the developers to rectify this issue, which means your opinion can be part of this app’s development.

Image of join TikTok Testers

All in all, your contribution to app development will benefit all the TikTok communities due to its improvement, you are the one who represents the TikTok community and you better know what is best to include in the app.

By working as a tester, you will have more experience regarding this app and you can easily suggest new ideas to the developers.

If you are no more interested in this tester program, then you can leave it anytime. To do this you have to switch to the public version of the app. You just need to click on the “Leave the Program” option available at the end of the window.

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social media platforms are severely used by people these days. And how good it can be to become a part of the development of social media apps. fortunately, it is possible these days to become part of video-sharing apps development if you have expertise. Just sign-in as App Tester and provide your suggestion to the developers.

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