TikTok Towel Challenge: Here’s How To Untangle The Towels

TikTok’s current viral challenge has puzzled the users. Solving the TikTok Towel Challenge seems like an unsolvable riddle as the majority of users have failed to debunk the logic behind it. If you are willing to hop into this fun-filled challenge, here is how to complete it on the first try.

TikTok users never disappoint us with their unending amusing challenges. Following the viral potato trend, users are now obsessed with a new challenge that asks to untangle two towels without dropping any of the loops on the ground. Though the challenge is quite simple for people who are fond of riddles and solving puzzles, you may not complete the challenge if you get stressed early.

This current wave of solving the riddle of tangled towels has taken over the foryou page of TikTok and users are enjoying every bit of it. Whether you will be able to complete it or not, once you start doing it, you are surely going to enjoy it a lot.

Let’s figure out how this riddle can be solved.

What Is TikTok Towel Challenge

Image Of What Is TikTok Towel Challenge

The Towel Challenge from TikTok is a unique riddle that has perplexed the majority of users. To complete the challenge, there must be two partners each holding a towel. Criss-cross the two towels in a way that they get tangled whilst both the partners holding the loops of their towels. Now, the challenge is to untangle the towels without letting the loops out of your hands. If anyone of you failed to hold the towel firmly, you have to start the whole challenge all over again.

The majority of users have failed to complete the challenge as it is a tricky one. Both the partners participating in the trend must be patient and the second important thing is to communicate well.

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How To Do TikTok Towel Challenge

To complete TikTok’s viral Towel Challenge, firstly you will need a partner. Second, you will require two towels. Now, both the partners will stand holding a towel in their hands. Tie the two towels in a way that they get tangled. Make sure that you are not tying the towels just hold one towel and then loop the other towel over it.

Now, the challenge aims to unlink the towels from the loop without letting go of both the towels. Thousands of users have tried the challenge but the majority of them have failed it. Some users have claimed that the challenge is impossible to complete. People who have participated in the trend are either laughing from their continuous rolling around to untangle the loops while many others seem frustrated after not being able to complete it even after doing several attempts.

This viral challenge has garnered considerable popularity over the video-sharing app. So far, the hashtag TikTok Towel Challenge has amassed over 207K views.

2 Towel Challenge Solution

Most of the TikTok users think that there isn’t any solution to this challenge, but the secret is, there is one! The only solution we found was the rope escape trick. Though the rope escape trick is quite different from the challenge, the Towel Challenge can still be completed using this trick.

Here is how the rope escape trick works,

Firstly, create a small loop with the rope. Then, thread that loop through the backside of your partner’s wrist loop. Now, put the loop over your partner’s hand. Similar to this, you can un-tie the towels so easily. You can also watch the below video to complete this challenge.

Bottom Line

This was all about the TikTok Towel Challenge and its solution. Hopefully, the information provided here will help you complete the challenge right away.

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