Kegura Jewelry — Is It A Scam Or A Legit Website?

Kegura is an online store that deals in Jewelry and all fashion accessories at discounted prices. Thousands of online shoppers are suspicious about the legitimacy of this online store, so we have come up with this unbiased review of Stick with the article to know all details about this newly established Jewelry store.

As the number of online stores increases, shoppers are getting troubled to identify the right place to shop. Along with genuine stores, some crooks are tricking the online shoppers; hence, buyers need to do some research about the stores before they go for any purchase.

The recent viral store that deals in fashion accessories is reported by customers as a suspicious one. If you are planning to shop from this online store, you must know all the below details about it.

What Is Kegura Jewelry

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Kegura is a new Jewelry store that deals in all fashion accessories. Some of the articles that it deals in include bracelets, rings, sunglasses, watches, and many other accessories. The point that makes us suspicious about its legitimacy is the discount factor that is applied to every product on display.

Although the website has a user-friendly interface it lacks some of the crucial information like the phone number, owner’s details, and the customer support service. On the website, we have also found copied content that isn’t a common practice of legitimate websites. Also, the website has only earned positive reviews which isn’t common for such online stores.

Besides this, the website has also failed to earn a decent trust score which isn’t a positive sign. Some users have also claimed that there are hidden charges present on almost every product and their policies are not transparent.

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Kegura Jewelry Review

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In order to write an unbiased review for the Kegura Jewelry store, we have looked into the following points:

  • Domain creation date
  • Refund Policy
  • Contact details
  • Trust Score
  • Social media presence
  • Customer reviews

Let’s talk about each of the above factors in detail.

1. Domain creation date

The domain for this website is created on 24th March 2021, which means it is a newly established website. The new entrants usually lack experience and do not perform well as compared to the branded stores and sites.

2. Refund Policy

According to the reviews available on the site, allows users to get four weeks to return the product this is a positive sign.

3. Contact Details

This online website lacks contact details and there also isn’t any information about the owner of this website. There also isn’t any information about customer support numbers or emails which makes the website a risky one.

Is Kegura Jewelry A Scam?

4. Trust Score

The website has attained a miserably low score when we tried to run a test online. Hence, the website seems to be a suspicious one.

5. Social Media Presence

This online store isn’t present on any of the major social media sites, which is quite weird. Yet again, the website fails to clear the legitimacy test.

6. Customer Reviews

Lastly, we tried to look into customer reviews in order to ascertain whether the website is a legitimate one or not. Though we have found some of the customer reviews, the majority of them are positive. We couldn’t spot any negative reviews on the website which isn’t common for newly established sites. Hence, this also proves the website to be a suspicious one.

Final Verdict

After considering all the information, we have come to the conclusion that momentarily this website isn’t a legit one. So, shoppers must consider all the above factors before making any purchase from the Kegura Jewelry store.

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