TikTok Weight Loss Dance — Viral intense weight loss dance

The viral Intense Weight Loss Dance on TikTok is claiming to be the most effective dance trend to burn your belly fat but the experts aren’t agreeing with it.

In some recent days a dance video has went viral which features a dance routine create by a TikTok user named Janny14906. The video has reached millions of users and it has racked up thousands of hearts from the TikTok community.

The TikTok user Janny14906 has claimed that this is the perfect ab routine and it also helps to lose belly fat. However experts have opposed this video trend for being fad weight-loss tactic and users have also agreed with it.

The video has also highlighted problems with how TikTok operates. Experts think that videos like “Weight Loss Dance” pose serious threats to the physical and mental well being of audience.

Let’s discover what the hype is all about.

What Is TikTok Weight Loss Dance

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The latest video to get the entire spotlight on TikTok is a dance video rolled by a user named Janny. Janny has joined the video-sharing app in March this year and she seems to be a fitness trainer. She claims that the dance routine shown in the video is the perfect ab routine and it is really helpful in burning the belly fat.

She further advises her followers to follow the dance routine for five minutes every day. People have poured thousands of comments in her comment box to know more about this dance routine.

She has responded to the comments saying “each movement requires five minutes of exercise,” and “see results after a month.” Janny has uploaded many other exercise routines on her account and most of her videos are captioned as “As long as you enjoy the skinny come together.”

If you haven’t seen this video so far, it is an intense abdominal exercise that includes jerking one’s chest and hips forwards and then backward very hastily. According to the video creator, this exercise targets the ab muscles hence giving you a slimmer waist.

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Does The TikTok Weight Loss Dance Work

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As the video has gone viral, it has also highlighted some of the problems that exist on the video-sharing app. Janny’s popularity shows how TikTok allows content creators to rise to fame using dodgy techniques. Experts have alarmed about the serious impacts these videos can create on the mental health of people.

Besides the fact that TikTok Service Terms constitute “self-harm” or “is intended to harass, harm, hurt, scare, distress, embarrass or upset people,” but there isn’t any content made relating to intense weight-loss techniques or dieting.

Though Janny claims that the dance routine will “reduce your abdomen” but users should always remember that it is just a myth to lose fat from a specific part of the body. Insider has quoted that it is impossible to reduce fat from a specific part of the body.

They have further added that you cannot make your thighs slim by clam-shells neither you can reduce your bingo wings with arm pulses. Similarly, ab-specific exercises won’t give you a flat belly.

In order to reduce fat from your middle, experts suggest being in a calorie deficit. So that it will result in weight loss from all over your body. In one of her interviews with Insider the fitness expert, Sohee Lee said.

“No matter how much exercise you’re doing, if your nutrition is not dialed in, if you’re not eating in a calorie deficit, you’re not going to shed the body fat, exercise should come secondary to that.”

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Weight Loss Dance from TikTok. Hopefully, you will hop into any exercise routine after examining its pros and cons.

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  1. Il y a pas mal de “avant après” alors comment les justifie si il n’est pas efficace.Certes il ne faut pas avoir de problemes de dos pour faire ces mouvements.
    Mais pour avoir tester pleins d’exercices, je confirme que celui ci fonctionne bien .Il ne cible pas que le ventre.Il muscle aussi les fesses et les cuisses.
    Il dois bien sur être lié a une bonne hygiène de vie.


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