TikTok White Tears Challenge — Another Racial Trend

We have come across several racial slurs and jokes since the launch of TikTok, and the latest viral White Tears Challenge is none different. Here is what we know about this trend so far.

With each passing day, a new challenge joins the platform and it seems like these challenges and trends of TikTok are never going to end. While some of these challenges are funny and full of entertainment, some revolve around acting and dance challenges. However, the recent White Tears Challenge has received backlash from users as they consider it to be a racial trend.

The challenge showcases a sudden change in emotions and there also is a hidden meaning behind it. If you want to hop into this trend, you must know what this trend actually is all about.

What Is TikTok White Tears Challenge

Image Of What Is TikTok White Tears Challenge

White Tears Challenge is the current viral Trend on TikTok. It involves the people crying at the start of the video, while in the latter part the video creator starts smirking as the beat drops and “Turn It Off” starts playing in the background. This indicates that they were not actually crying but faking it.

The trend is considered a racial trend as the majority of people who have attempted this trend are white women. Hence, it is being characterized by Black people as the “White tears” trend. The women who have hopped into the trend are trying to showcase their ability to fake emotion for their benefit.

As the trend has gone viral black people have started using the “stitch” feature of the app to share their thoughts on the acting “game”. They have further claimed that the trend is actually offensive and disturbing for black people.

Though several white women attempting this challenge might not know the story behind it, black people have an opinion that white women are weaponizing fake tears to accuse and belittle Black people.

What Is The Meaning Of White Tears On TikTok

Image Of What Is The Meaning Of White Tears On TikTok

According to the black users on TikTok, this challenge is offensive and is an attempt to belittle black people. Several users have also given reactions to these videos by sharing their own experiences.

 One user shared a story of hers from her childhood while reacting to a video showcasing the White Tears trend. She said, she once had a fight with a girl when she was slapped by her. As she snapped back, they both were sent to the principal. While the girl was crying in the office, the principal leaned towards believing her despite the fact that she was the one who initiated the fight.

Several other people have taken it to Twitter saying, this scheming behavior traces back in history, recalling the violence bought by white women’s tears upon the black communities.

Coincidently, August 28th marks the day when a little boy named Emmett Till was brutally murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14. The young boy was accused of offending a white girl in a grocery store. Hence, users have related this challenge to several other incidents when white tears have hurt black people for decades.

While discussing similar incidents, one user wrote, “And then a bunch of White Women had the audacity to go on TikTok and do this

When will y’all learn that white tears end with Black and Brown death?

Countless massacres were started by this! Rosewood Massacre, East St. Louis Massacre, The DC massacre, Tulsa Massacre”

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Last Words

This was all about the TikTok White Tears Challenge and its possible meaning reported by TikTok users. Hopefully, you will consider its meaning before hopping into it.

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