Does Posie Labrant Have Cancer? Explained

After Posie Labrant’s parents Cole and Savannah shared a documentary, fans are showing concerns about Posie Labrant’s health. But does Posie Labrant really have Cancer? Here’s the answer!

The famous American bloggers The LaBrant Fam posted a video documentary on August 28 that talked about Posie possibly having cancer and how her parents are dealing with her health issues. In the 42-min-long video posted on their official channel, Cole and Savannah kept talking about Posie possibly having cancer.

However, the LaBrant Fam is now receiving backlash as their followers came to know about the truth behind the long documentary. Here is all you need to know about Posie.

What Happened To Posie Labrant

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It is important here to make it clear that Posie Labrant is doing pretty well and she doesn’t have any health issues. Though Posie Labrant’s parents Savannah and Cole started by video by talking about Posie possibly having health issues, later they confirmed that Posie is safe and she doesn’t have cancer. The couple shares two more kids, Everleigh Rose Soutas and Zealand Cole LaBrant who also are healthy.

In the video description, Posie’s parents wrote, Posie is “ok and healthy”. It further reads, “But not all parents receive the same good news as we did.”

The couple has however faced a backlash for using an inappropriate video title. To this, the couple responded that they were trying to spread awareness about cancer through their documentary.

The couple has amassed thousands of new followers as they begin to film Posie’s visits to the doctor. The videos showcasing their scare also helped them amass new followers.

However, later they revealed the truth explaining the purpose of their videos.  They said their utmost purpose was to create awareness about this dangerous disease and to showcase the struggles of parents who are fighting for their children’s lives.

The documentary has further featured three families whose children are battling cancer. Cole can be seen meeting up with each of the family and showcasing their struggles.

Is Posie Labrant Diagnosed With Cancer?

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Although Cole and Savannah had clarified the purpose of their documentary, people have still slammed them for using their daughter’s false diagnosis for publicity. The angry fans have also called the video “Clickbait”.

One angry user wrote, “I’m not a religious person but I really don’t think God would be ok with the LaBrant’s using cancer as clickbait”.

Another added, “Dude cole labrant is a disgusting human being. Profiting off of clickbait having to do with cancer, then proceeding to visit children in the chemo ward of hospitals during a pandemic all so he can get more clout. DISGUSTING.”

While another wrote, “I feel so bad for the labrant family’s kids.”

After the pair has revealed the truth, many of their fans have unfollowed them for choosing the wrong way to grow their popularity. The majority of fans are not ready to accept that the pair was documenting Posie’s visits to the hospital just for the sake of creating awareness. Most of them have an opinion that the couple was creating curiosity among the fans to get more popularity.

This recent documentary has badly affected the goodwill of The LaBrant Fam. Thousands of fans are angry as they perceived that Posie was really having cancer and they were following the couple to show sympathy. Well, many of these followers have already unfollowed the couple for creating curiosity and spreading fake news.

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Bottom Line

Although Posie Labrant does not have cancer, the documentary has badly affected the goodwill of The LaBrant Fam. Fans do not seem happy with their recent documentary.

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