TikTok’s Creators Of The Year 2021 — Explored

As we are left with the last few days for the year 2021, TikTok has announced its creators for the year. Here we have explored all the details related to TikTok’s creators of the year 2021. Have a look.

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you must be aware of the fact that TikTok’s content creators are the heart and soul of this video-sharing platform. These are the people who keep you entertained throughout the year.

Alongside rolling videos full of entertainment, TikTok’s content creators also inspire us with their informational content. They truly make difference by sharing inspirational content on the platform.

To honor these creators who strive to come up with quality content for us, TikTok announces the list of ‘TikTok’s creators of the year 2021” every year. Following its old tradition, this year also the video-sharing app TikTok has released the list of ‘Top Creators of the year 2021,’ from its newsroom. Here is the further detail.

Who Are The TikTok Creators Of The Year For 2021?

Image Of Who Are The TikTok Creators Of The Year For 2021

In its latest discover list, TikTok has named its noteworthy creators of the year. The list highlights 50 content creators, dividing them into five different categories. Content creators are divided into the following categories:

  • Icons
  • Innovators
  • Foodies
  • Changemakers
  • Originators

Following is the list of top creators divided into the above categories.

1. Icons

Those content creators who have remained the trendsetters for the year and have impacted the culture of TikTok are listed in the Icons category.

These creators include

I- Bella Poarch: Bella, known on TikTok as @BELLAPOARCH stands on number four of the list of biggest TikTok creators of the world. She has garnered over 81 million followers on the app so far.

II- Boman Martinez-Reid: Boman comes at number two in the list of top icons of TikTok for the year 2021.

III- Brittany Broski — Mainly known on TikTok as @BRITTANY_BROSKI hosts TikTok’s “For You Podcast”. She earned popularity in the year 2019.

2. Innovators

The second category for TikTok’s Creators Of The Year list is Innovators. These are the creators who are the pioneers of their own field. The top creators of this category are as follows:

I- Billy Yue: Better known as @8ILLY has baffled the TikTok audience with his cardboard art short films, and music videos.

II- Devon Rodriguez — Known on TikTok as @DEVONRODRIGUEZART is another artist from the New-York city.

III- Jasmine Chiswell — Jasmine who goes as @JASMINECHISWELL, is known for her viral dance and comedy videos.

2021 TikTok Creators

Image Of 2021 TikTok Creators

3. Foodies

The next category is for the foodies who have inspired us with their mouth-watering recipes.

I- Jonathan Kung — Jonathan a self taught chef, known as @CHEFJONKUNG on TikTok leads the foodies’ category.

II- Gabrielle Williams — The “Disney food series” creator, known on TikTok as @GABBY.JAYE comes at number two.

III- Hajar Larbah — Hajar better known as @MORIBYAN has introduced us to her North African roots. She comes at number three in the list of TikTok foodies of the year.

4. Changemakers

Changemakers are the people who chose to help people over anything else. Here is the detail of top changemakers of TikTok for the year 2021.

I- Alexis Nelson — Alexis, known on TikTok as @ALEXISNIKOLE has introduced us to various edible wild plants. She leads the lists of changemakers of TikTok for the year 2021.

II- Shirley Raines — Shirley provides essential things and beauty to the homeless. Shirley aka @BEAUTY2THESTREETZ, runs an NGO Beauty 2 The Streetz, that aims at helping out the homeless.

III- Joel Bervell — Joel who goes as @JOELBERVELL on TikTok is on a mission to fight health disparities in medicine.

5. The Originators

I- Antoni Bumba comes at number one in the list of top originators. He is famous for his astrology hot-takes and pop culture parodies.

II- Antonio Neville is the second top originator.  He is famous for spreading giggles across the platform.

III- Jalaiah Harmon — Jalaiah known as @JALAIAHHARMON on TikTok has created the Renegade dance.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the list of TikTok’s Creators Of The Year 2021. Hopefully, you have got all the essential details you needed to know.

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