How To Share Top Nine Snaps From 2021 On Instagram?

Well, the time to share your Instagram reel is finally here. But if you are in trouble and are unable to share your top snaps, here we have provided the ways how you can share Top Nine Snaps From 2021 on your Instagram handle.

The users of almost all social platforms are busy glancing back at the past year. It has now become a ritual for social media users to reflect back on their past posts. Alongside all the other social media users, Instagram users also are sharing a recap of their past year.  

If you are unable to create your Instagram reel, here is how to share your Top Nine Snaps From 2021 On your Instagram handle.

How To Create Instagram Top Nine Posts?

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As the year 2022 is approaching, social media handles are enabling their users to glance back at the past year. Similar to all other social media platforms Instagram also has enabled its users to reflect back at ‘Top 9’ Instagram posts.

This feature helps the users put together their most liked G pictures from the past year. These pictures can be shared in a collage format later on.

Thousands of Instagram users have already shared their ‘Top 9’ posts, while several others are struggling to lay their hands over the Instagram top 9 posts collage.

If you are unable to share your ‘Top 9’ Insta snaps, we have got you covered. Here is how to share the Top Nine Snaps to your Instagram feed.

  • The very first requirement is to search the website ‘’.
  • Next, log into your Instagram handle.
  • Following this, provide your email to get notified when your post gets ready.
  • Then, tap on the “Get my Top Nine” and wait for your results to get generated.
  • You will receive the email in your mailbox. So, make sure you are checking your mailbox often.
  • Once you have received your image in the mailbox, tap on the download button.
  • As you download the template, you can share it on your Instagram handle.
  • You also have option to choose from several different templates to create a unique collage for yourself.
  • Don’t forget to add the hashtag ‘Top 9’ Insta snaps for better reach.

What Is ‘Your Top Nine’ on Instagram?

Image Of What Is ‘Your Top Nine’ on Instagram

Besides the top nine snaps collage, you also can create an Instagram reel to look back at some of your precious memories.

Millions of users have already rolled their Instagram reel while there also are some who are looking for ways to come up with theirs.

Well, to create your Instagram reel, you don’t need to be an editing genius. All you need to have is some creativity and a catchy background track to stand out from the crowd.

To make your 2021 recap reel, you initially need to download an editing app on your phone. Some of the video editing applications include PowerDirector, iMovie, Splice, Quik, and KineMaster.

Once you have downloaded the right editing app on your phone, select a series of pictures and videos you want to appear in the reel and import them into the editing app.

Adjust the image and videos sizes and add a background track of your own choice. You can also add effects to your video.  Once you are done, export the video to your gallery and share it with your followers.

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Bottom Line

This was all about how to Share Top Nine Snaps From 2021 On Instagram and to create Instagram reels. Hopefully, you have got the information you needed to know.

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