TikTok’s New Guidelines — What The Guidelines Talk About?

TikTok’s new guidelines are taking over the internet and have made the content creators review their content. These new guidelines especially are going to affect the video creators who come up with content related to fitness and diet. Here is what TikTok’s New Guidelines talk about.

TikTok is evolving with each passing day. The giant entertainment platform is considering its guidelines over and over again to make the platform a safe place for its users.

Ever since its launch, the app has acquired massive attention from its users. Considering this huge and rapid success, the app developers are constantly working on its guidelines to protect the privacy of their users.

Last week, the video-sharing app has revised its guidelines once again and creators related to fitness and diets are being raided. Here is the complete detail of the new guidelines that TikTok users will need to follow.

What Is The New Guideline Of TikTok About Eating Disorders?

Image Of What Is The New Guideline Of TikTok About Eating Disorders

TikTok content including its challenges, trends, and celebrity videos creates a great impact on the lives of its users. Some videos have helped the users change their lives in a better way. While there also is content that has negatively impacted the lives of its users.

Some TikTok users have even lost their lives following the content they came across the app. After getting to know about such unfortunate incidents, TikTok has crafted some strict guidelines for content creators. And the app is working on further improving the guidelines.

Just recently, TikTok announced its new guidelines that put emphasis on the content relating to eating disorders and misleading fitness content.

Under the clause “Broadening our approach to eating disorders,” TikTok wrote in one of its latest blog posts:

“We’re making this change, in consultation with eating disorders experts, researchers, and physicians. As we understand that people can struggle with unhealthy eating patterns and behavior without having an eating disorder diagnosis.”

The video-sharing app has further revealed that they aim at cracking down on the content that encourages people for overexercising or short-term fasting.

Following these updated guidelines; TikTok will take down the videos that spread misinformation or are promoting unhealthy eating habits.

TikTok New Guidelines

Image Of TikTok New Guidelines

Alongside the fitness-related content, the platform will keep a close check on the ‘hateful ideologies’. Talking about this act, the video-sharing app wrote in their recent blog:

“We hope our recent feature enabling people to add their pronouns will encourage respectful and inclusive dialogue on our platform”.

The website has also made many other changes to cope with incidents related to cybercrime. Alongside informing the users about ways to spot and avoid suspicious content, the website also has announced opening “state-of-the-art cyber incident monitoring and investigative response centres”. These centers will be located in three places including, Washington DC, Dublin, and Singapore. The ByteDance-owned app has revealed that it will make cyber incident monitoring and investigative response centres functional this year.

The videos, that contain acts of self-harm and suicide hoaxes, will also be taken down immediately.

The video-sharing app has improved its policies over time. Users have appreciated their efforts towards making TikTok a safe place for everyone. In past, users have encountered trouble as the app didn’t pay much attention to the type of content being shared.

However, some recent developments have impressed the users and they have expressed their pleasure on various other social media platforms.

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Concluding Thoughts

This was all about TikTok’s new guidelines and how they will make the video-sharing app a better place for users. If you are a fitness content creator, you might need to review your content twice before publishing it on the video-sharing app.

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