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The latest acronym to go viral on TikTok is DRP and users are looking to find its meaning. If you are among the users looking for the meaning of DRP, we have got you covered. Keep reading and get to know all details about it.

TikTok has now become the go-to place platform to learn new acronyms and slang terms and all credit goes to Gen Z.

The avid users have designed a dictionary of their own that contains thousands of slang terms and shorthands. Some of these acronyms are designed to help users keep their conversations private while others are added on the platform to trick TikTok.

Although Gen Z loves using such slang terms on their handles, these are more of a curse for new users as it makes it difficult for them to understand the meaning behind it.

To help users understand the meaning of these slang terms, BrunchVirals always comes up with the meaning of slang terms that emerge on the app. Following our tradition here we are providing the meaning of ‘DRP’ for you. Have a look!

What Is The Meaning Of DRP On TikTok?

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DRP is used differently in different contexts, but in the majority of cases, this acronym is used in sexual contexts. Not only on TikTok, but this viral acronym is also hugely popular on Twitter. We have also spotted this slang on other social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Here is how users have used this term in their Tweets:

One user wrote, “Anyone wanna drp? Just dm me – I send nudes”.

Another said, “hii, im bored as hell- does somebody want to drp?”

But what does it actually mean? It is the short form used instead of saying, “dirty role play”. The acronym is used when someone wants to get involved in Sexual activities.

In other contexts, then acronym can be used instead of saying “drug-related productivity”.

This acronym has gotten immense traction on TikTok and other social media handles. Although people have come to know about it just now, it existed for so long, and very few people knew the meaning behind it.

By looking at the definitions submitted on Urban Dictionary, we found that this word existed for more than a decade now.

DRP TikTok Meaning

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To further understand the meaning of DRP, we have gathered all the definitions provided by the Urban Dictionary here. You can have a better understanding by reading the examples that we are going to provide in the next paragraph.

According to the first definition we found on Urban Dictionary, DRP refers to “dirty role play ~ s*x and stuff”. Example: “On a fan acc you can drp with other people”.

Another definition submitted on TikTok says, “Aka RP, means “do Role-play”

Example, “Bio: I am a girl and I like to dRP/RP

Now, the next context this slang can be used is in a drug-related scenario. Here are some more definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

“Here’s an example of some drp:

Guy 1 — Hey man let’s write a song

Guy 2 — Alright dude and then we can like rake leaves and shit

Both — RIGHTEOUS!!!”

DRP may also mean “Date Rape Punch”. “It is the mix of a fruit drink with liquor at parties and box socials alike which is often spiked with different date rape drugs.

The DRP at the Gamma house led to a drastic spike in the college sexual assault statistics.”

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of DRP and all possible contexts it can be used in. Are you familiar with any other meaning of this slag? Let us know in the comment box below.

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