Tom Cruise TikTok — Is This Account Real?

Tom cruise fans are in awe after seeing the Tom Cruise TikTok profile. All of them are curious to know about the legitimacy of this profile. Are you among those users wondering to know the authenticity of your favorite celebrity’s account? If yes, then you are scrolling through the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know all facts related to the Tom Cruise TikTok account.

As the Tom Cruise TikTok account is now functional, users are giving different opinions about this profile. Some are sure about the authenticity of account while others are showing some doubts.

As soon as this account went live, users started to interrogate about it on various platforms. Some are commenting on the videos shared from this doubtful account saying “”This is definitely Tom Cruise,” “How is this not Tom Cruise?” and: “This is Tom Cruise! It’s Tom!”

While others have couple of doubts, this is how they have expressed their opinion “”Not him. Doesn’t sound like him. Too tall”, “Guys, it’s a deep fake. It literally says it in the name,” and “No way. The real Tom Cruise is not that athletic. No way.”

Though this isn’t anything you should inquire about, because Tom isn’t the only celebrity using TikTok. Majority of stars are using this video sharing application to reach their fans. Let’s dive into more detail to learn if this is a legitimate account or not! Stick with us!

Is Tom Cruise’s Profile Real On TikTok

Image Of Is Tom Cruise’s Profile Real On TikTok

Tom Cruise is among the big faces of Hollywood. He has millions of fans all around the world. Tom is mainly known for his great movies. Besides being a brilliant actor, he also is a talented film producer.

Cruise has received various awards for his brilliant performances. These awards include three Golden Globe Awards and three nominations for Academy Awards. Readers should also know that he is among the highest paid actors of the world.

Users are amazed by a new video uploaded from a TikTok account that features Tom taking a Golf Swing. But wait! Is it real or just a Deepfake? Most of the users think it’s a deepfake of him because according to fans, he’s now old enough to avoid such platforms.

For the readers who don’t know much about deepfake, here is what it actually refers to: Deepfaking is a new technique used by illustrators to replace a person from an existing image or video with someone else’s picture. This technique is used by many people for celebrity pornographic videos, revenge porn, fake news, tricks, and financial frauds in past.

This technology is quite widespread now, and most of people consider it an alarming technique. Many others have requested government organizations to put limitations on such techniques.

In past some other celebrities including TikTok stars Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio have also encountered trouble due to deepfaking. The technique mainly targets celebrities and social media influencers. We should also accept the fact that some people use this technique just to create meme content. Not all individuals use this for illegal purposes.

Deepfake Tom Cruise

Image Of Deepfake Tom Cruise

The viral Tom Cruise TikTok video seems more like a result of deepfaking. In the video the mystery person can be seen playing golf and talking about his podcast. Users are surprised seeing the accuracy of impressions and how it is undetectable.

Users have also accepted the level of accuracy, one user said “One of the best deepfakes I’ve ever seen,” while other added “the voice is really good too, could be artificial as well.”

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 Final Verdict

Though the TikTok video has went viral under the hash tag Tom Cruise TikTok, but according to the information we have got so far, it’s not the real Tom Cruise.

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