Spiritsandsuchconsulting TikTok — And Claire’s Accusation

Seen plenty of hash tags saying Spiritsandsuchconsulting TikTok on the Chinese video sharing application? Want to know why people are visiting this profile so much and what is this story all about? If yes, then you are on the most relevant post, keep reading and get to know about the back story of spirits and such consultation tiktok account.

Being a widespread application, TikTok is being followed by millions of users from all around the world. Some people are using their accounts for the sake of entertainment; many others are earning their livelihood using this application while there also are some suspicious users.

Some turn out to be hackers while many others are using their criminal minds to accomplish their illegal trades. Currently, users on TikTok are probing about a user named as Claire Miller who has a TikTok account under user name @ Spiritsandsuchconsulting.

TikTok users are paying millions of visits to this account as the owner is accused for murder of her sister. Sounds horrifying! Let’s know more about this user and her allegations. Stay with us!

Claire Miller AKA Spirits and Such Consultation

Claire Miller is a young TikTok user who has garnered 27.2K followers on her TikTok account as of now. She also has collected 610.1K hearts on her posts all together. This user is been charged with criminal homicide following an incident on February 22. It is reported that she has stabbed her sister to death.

This 14 year old girl belongs to Lancaster. We have got to know that she has attended the private Lancaster Country Day School as a freshman student. She is facing allegation of killing her older sister who is said to be wheel-chair bounded.

This TikTok content creator is currently in police subsidy. Claire was arrested on 22nd Feb, when she was trying to clean the blood off her hands in the snow. To be formally charged for this criminal homicide, she was presented before the Magisterial District Judge, David P. Miller. This content creator was later sent to Lancaster County Prison at 12:20 pm. Her next hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, 26th Feb 2020.

Who Is Claire Miller

Image Of Who Is Claire Miller

Claire Miller is a content creator on TikTok, she has an account under the user name Spiritsandsuchconsulting. This account is being discussed by so many users because of the criminal allegations filed against the owner.

According to her TikTok profile, she is a fan of anime, manhwa and videogames. C.Miller manily uploads memes about her favourite shows. She has also created some videos about Danganronpa, Deathnote, Yuri On Ice, OHSHC, Killing Stalking, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun, Saiki K and more.

Despite of being involved in criminal allegations, her TikTok account is still active. Many users are visiting her profile just to know more about her personality.

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What Is Claire Miller Accused Of?

Image Of What Is Claire Miller Accused Of

Claire Miller is accused of killing her 19 year old sister, Helen. According to a Facebook comments from Claire’s friend, Helen had cerebral palsy and was non-verbal. The murder is thought to be taken place at night when her parents were asleep.

Readers will be horrified to listen that, Claire was the one who reported this murder to the police department. Around 1am at night, she called the police station and said “I have killed my sister”.

When the policemen reached their house, they found Helen on the ground having a knife sticking on to her neck. They also have found a pillow filled with blood, it is thought that she placed this pillow on Helen’s face after stabbing her with the knife.

Police department is still investigating the case and the TikTok content creator will face her first court hearing tomorrow.

Final Thoughts

This was all about the terrifying story of Spiritsandsuchconsulting TikTok account. Follow us to know about further developments in this case.

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