Twenty4tim TikTok – All About The German Star

The German social media star has just racked up 3 Million followers on his “Twenty4tim TikTok” account. He has risen to massive popularity in the pandemic days especially. Here is all you wanted to know about your favorite TikTok star.

After joining the race of social media applications, TikTok has enabled thousands of talented people to rise to fame. Before this video-sharing platform, content creators relied more on YouTube and other social media channels.

With its extensive features, TikTok has now captured the attention of millions of content creators from all around the world. It has enabled many people to earn their livelihood by staying in the comfort of their homes.

Like many other social media stars, Tim Kampmann got fame in the days of the pandemic. He has 3.2 million followers on his TikTok account named Twenty4tim. Here is a detailed description of Twenty4tim’s age, height, biography, and much more. Keep scrolling!

Who Is Twenty4tim On TikTok

Tim Kampmann, known on social media as Twenty4tim is a German TikTok star with more than 3.2 Million followers on TikTok. Surprisingly, he has racked up all these followers in less than 1 year. His journey as content creator started in early 2014, when he created his YouTube channel.

He was not much popular on internet until he joined the video-sharing platform in 2020. Relating his success with Covid Pandemic he said, “Everyone was on the cell phone, of course, so I took the chance.”

Tim further added that he has no words to explain his success. Upon asking about how he feels about his success he answered, “I don’t know why either, but that went through the roof.”

What the followers like most about this TikTok star is his quality content. Though he never fails to entertain his followers he also remembers his responsibilities as a social media influencer.

As most of his followers are youngsters he said, “I would never convey bad values, but you should know that many are watching you and that you are responsible for people and for what they do. But you shouldn’t drive yourself crazy. “

Twenty4tim TikTok Bio

Tim Kampmann is a native of Cologne, Germany. There isn’t much information about his family and parents but he featured his mother in one of his TikTok videos. Before his success, he wanted to be a high school teacher for German and English but he couldn’t continue his studies at Cologne University after just one semester due to unknown reasons.

Talking about this phase of life he said “Then I almost slipped into a depressive track because that was absolutely not mine and it took me a long time to admit it to myself.”

After reaching a milestone in just a year, Tim still knows the reality of social media. Twenty4tim also realizes that this sudden success can be over as quickly as it started. While discussing the possible downs he said “It can also happen that you are no longer interesting.

There are always people who appear out of nowhere, who are different and have a new message.” Tim further added, “But what is cool about social media is that many professions result from it.”

Twenty4tim TikTok Age

This famous TikTok star is currently just 20 years old but his personality is more influential than many other experienced social media stars. Having more than 1.4 Million followers, he is also famous on the photo-sharing app Instagram.

His YouTube channel is also functional with more than 75.6K subscribers. You can find him under the username @twenty4tim on Instagram and YouTube.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the famous TikTok star Twenty4tim TikTok. Keep following us to know more about your favorite social media stars.

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