Twins Filter — Here’s How To Get This Coolest Filter

A new filter named as Twins Filter is flaunting on TikTok and Instagram posts, many users have already used the filter while many are still unable to figure out if the filter is currently available on TikTok or Instagram. If you are among those users, then you have reached the most related post. Keep reading and get to know all details about this trendy filter.

Along with being an entertainment platform, TikTok also has a massive collection of filters for its users. Content creators get a lot of help from these variety of filters to come up with unique content every day. Initially there were limited number of filters and effects on TikTok but now users have their hands on plenty of filters.

Currently, TikTok users are confusing their TikTok families with the new Twins Filter. Some users have even uploaded the videos created with Twins Filter on Instagram and Insta users are now wondering for this filter on Instagram. Let’s dive in deep to know how you can access the filter on TikTok.

What Is Twins Filter

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The Twins Filter is a new trendy filter available on TikTok. As the name suggests, once applied the Twins Filter let’s you see your twin in the screen. You will witness your double character appearing on the screen so this is a coolest filter to confuse your TikTok fam with your fictional twin.

The filter has got considerable popularity on TikTok and it has even reached to other social media platforms as well. This filter is being used for thousands of videos and the count is still on. The hash tag #TwinsFilter has amassed million of views so far.

How To Get Twins Filter On TikTok

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Accessing the Twins Filter On TikTok is quite simple. You just have to find the filter form your filters gallery. You will get to see the filter only if you have an updated TikTok account. If it isn’t updated then you should update it to the newest version so that you won’t miss any chance to get the latest updates and filters.

After updating your app, go to the filters gallery and look for the filter with an animation of “two faces” as filter icon. Once you get it, tap on it and hold on the record button to see your dual character.

If you are unable to find the filter among your filters gallery then don’t worry. We have got you covered! All you have to do is head towards the discover tab and search “Twins”. On the top of the list you will get to see the filter icon, tap on it and then you will witness all the videos created with the filter.

Add this filter to your favorites or you can simply scroll down for the record button and create a video with your fictional twin right away. We just hope that the solution will surely work for you.

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How To Get Twins Filter On Instagram

Many Instagram users are wondering if they can find the Twins Filter On Instagram, to all those people I would request not to waste more of their energy because this filter is currently not available on Instagram.

You can create a video on TikTok using this trendy filter and then simply download the video to your gallery. Later, you can post the video from your photo gallery to your Instagram story or feed with the hash tag Twins Filter.

Last Words

I will wrap up the article with this final verdict; the Twins Filter is currently available on TikTok only. You can look for the filter in your filters gallery or simply search the filter title in the discover tab.

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