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Twitter is testing some new features lately and the recent one to get the attention of the users is the new ‘Twitter Status Feature’. Users have given a mixed reaction to this new feature and here we have gathered all the details you need to know about this feature.

Social media applications are on a constant roll. They are in a constant race to become the best social platforms in terms of user experience. And to boost the user experience, they are testing new features each day.

Just a few years back, we all knew social media applications as a place to make new friends, share pictures and chat with them. However, the platforms have now improved a lot and they are more than just a place to upload pictures.

Like all other social media platforms, Twitter also is busy testing and adding new features. The app just recently confirmed that it is testing the new ‘status’ feature. As this feature is in the testing phase, it is currently available to a limited audience based in the U.S. and Australia.

Nonetheless, this new feature has failed to impress the majority of Twitter users and they have given mixed opinions.

Twitter Users Can Now Update Their Status

Image Of Twitter Users Can Now Update Their Status

The status feature has long existed on all major social media platforms, but it was not featured on Twitter until now. This popular feature allows social media users to express their moods and thoughts by adding a status. The status feature of Twitter is a little different than this feature from all other platforms as on Twitter you can add a status from a predetermined list.

It means that you cannot customize the statuses; you just have the option to choose the statuses appearing in the drop-down.

Some of the available statuses include, Spoiler alert, Need advice, AMA, Hot take, Vacation mode, Living the dream, shower thoughts, and unpopular opinion among others.

As of now, Twitter hasn’t revealed any further information about the feature. They only have revealed that the feature is currently in the testing mode and it will be removed once the testing gets complete.

If you are among the lucky users, you must have got this new feature on your Twitter. But most of us have just heard about it.

How To Use Twitter Status Feature?

Image Of How To Use Twitter Status Feature

Just before the arrival of this new feature, Twitter introduced ‘Circle’ which is again a new feature made available to a limited number of users. This feature is quite similar to that of Instagram’s ‘close friends’ feature. The feature allows you to share your Tweets with a limited number of audiences.

Only the members you add to your circle will be able to see your Tweets. The feature allows the users to add a maximum of 150 members to their circle.

The information shared in the circle cannot be retweeted and it will only be limited to your specified circle.

Furthermore, you will be required to choose an audience every time you compose a tweet and you are not allowed to have more than one circle at a time.

Twitter users are quite happy with the circle feature but they don’t really are praising the Status feature. Here is what users have to say about this feature:

One person wrote, “@TwitterSupport I want Twitter Circle not this new status thing. Y’all are just making up stuff nobody wants at this point”

Another said, “Why do I have the option to add a status but not Twitter Circle????”

“TF is a Twitter status? Give me Circle tweets!” requested one.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the latest features from Twitter. What feature do you prefer? Circle or the status feature? Let us know in the below comment box.

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