Is Ikaad Scam? Unbiased Website Review [July 2022]

Ikaad is the trendiest web store to catch the attention of online buyers, but the majority of buyers find it to be a scam. So, is Ikaad really a scam or is it a legit portal? We have gathered all the details here in this article. Stay tuned!

In the current era, scam websites are taking over the internet, thus it has now become essential for internet users to run research before relying on any of these sites. Scammers have especially become active on the internet after the Covid Pandemic when online shopping got immense traction from people.

Although there also are millions of legit websites on the internet, there is a possibility that you will come across some crooks. To be able to save yourself from scams, it is essential to check for the legitimacy of any website before buying anything online.

To check the legitimacy of online websites, you can either look for customer reviews or simply use the online trust score calculators. You can also consult our blog for legit website reviews; we always add reviews for all the trendy online shopping sites.

In our quest to make online shopping a safe practice, we are here with an unbiased review for So, is Ikaad a legit website or a scam? Let’s assess it thoroughly.

Is Ikaad Scam Or Legit?

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Before hopping into the technicalities of Ikaad, let’s first figure out what the website has to offer to its customers.

While going through the website, we found that the website deals in multiple products. Some of the prominent products that we were able to spot on its landing page include:

  • Microphones
  • Methanol Injection Kit
  • Baby Jogger
  • Sunglasses
  • Fridge
  • Leather shoes

Although the website has displayed a wide variety of products, it doesn’t justify the information it has provided on its about us page. On the about us page, has revealed that they deal in Professional Women Shoes. The only purpose of their existence as per their about us page is that they want to give women the best Shoes possible.

Nonetheless, the about us page information of doesn’t relate to the products that they have made displayed on their site. To further assess the legitimacy of this site, we have tested on the below factors:

  • Domain age
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Trust Score
  • Owner and Contact Details
  • Company Presence

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail to figure out whether the site is a scam or a legit platform. Reviews

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1. Domain Age:

The website is registered on 12th July 2022. According to the domain creation date, it is currently just a few days old. On the basis of the website’s age, we cannot declare this portal to be a safe place to shop from.

2. Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews available for It is again a negative point.

3. Social Media Presence

The website has provided all the social media icons on the website but none of the icons is linked to a social media handle. Yet again a red flag!

4. Trust Score

As per the trust index, the website has amassed a trust score of 1% which is a pathetic score. Thus, the website is not reliable for now.

5. Owner and Contact Details

The website has provided an email address for the users to connect with but it doesn’t specify the owner’s details.

6. Company Presence

According to the website, this company is based in the United States.

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The Final Verdict

After assessing all the above factors, we have reached the conclusion that the website ‘Ikaad’ is a potential scam. Thus, online buyers must beware of this site for now.

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