UAV in Free Fire: What Free Fire Game Lovers Should Know?

As the history of online games is as old as packet-based computer networking. It goes back to the year 1970`s, at that time the first example of online games were MUDs, including the first MUD1.

With the passage of time as the technology change, the new games and their new versions with new features are invented on daily basis. UAV in Free Fire is such an example of new features in modern games.

However, the online game platforms with the latest features are more popular than the games with old ones. Gamers love to play games which are more interesting and amusing.

Therefore, that is why these gaming platforms add new features from time to time when it invents new versions for their players to make it more challenging and enjoyable. Surely, this way their customers will stick to them and will not go to another platform.

Now, we will discuss ‘UAV’ the new feature in the Free Fire game. What different players had to say about this feature, whether they are happy with it or not?

What is UAV in Free Fire?

First of all, we will see what does UAV means? UAV is short for ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ or ‘Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle’. It is commonly known as a drone, which is an aircraft without a human pilot on board.

UAVs are a component of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), which includes a ground-based controller and a system of communication between both.

Image of What is UAV in Free Fire Game

For your information, UAV is featured in Free Fire in 2018. Free Fire is a famous game developed by Garena back in 2017. It is played by millions around the world.

Even it, organizes different events for their players in which free token are given on special occasions. People, who want to know what is the meaning of UAV on Free Fire or what is UAV in Fire Free? Here you will get the answer.

The purpose of UAV is to find the players. In the game, UAV comes to the place where the players are. So the players had to shoot it down before it traces you and signal the enemies about your presence at the place where you are currently.

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According to some players, there are some speculations in the Free Fire game community regarding UAV that it airdrops. The speculations are baseless and the only purpose of UAV is exposing the position of other players within the UAV radar. But some had shown us while doing that. Which seems sort of impossible for many.

Can we Fly on UAV Drone?

Answer to the question can we fly on UAV drone is yes. In the updated version of Free Fire, you can fly with the help of a UAV. The glider helps you to get on UAV.

So first you have to fly on the glider to get on UAV. In one game UAV appears only two times. While flying on UAV the map comes under you and you can easily kill someone from up there.

Image of What is UAV in Free Fire

To fly with UAV two things matters first is the internet connection and the other is ping. If your internet connection is low, then you can’t fly. So this means you need a high-speed internet to fly. UAV changes its location many times in the game and if you are on it then you will fall down and die.

In real UAV drones are mostly used by the military to get to the places where it is hard for a human to reach. This technological system has made many people`s life easier.

For security concerns and to spy many of the countries use them on the borders with other countries. Drones are also used for many other purposes like by photographers use drone to shoot aerial view, which is not possible without it.

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