Jai in Free Fire: New Character Revealed By Garena Free Fire

E-gaming has emerged as a modern way of entertainment for millions of people around the world. There are millions of fans and followers of gamers all over the world.

The famous online gaming arena ‘Garena Free Fire’ has come up with a new character called Jai in Free Fire. This has become the talk of the town nowadays for every free fire lover.

With technological advancement and global awareness, E-gaming is not only a source of entertainment but now it is also a money-making industry.

E-gaming is a big industry in the world with a net worth amount of $134.9 billion according to a report in April 2019. So there is a lot of potentials for the investors to invest their money.

On the occasion of its third anniversary, the game developers are bringing a new character for its players all over the world.

What is Jai Character in Free Fire?

The news is, famous E-gaming platform Garena Free Fire is adding a new character in its new version. In the month of July there was a rumor speculating all over on media. A character named Jai may be coming to the battle royale very soon.

The character is inspired by a famous Indian Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. According to a source he is in collaborating with Free Fire for a new character in the game.

Image of Jai Character in Free Fire

The question here is what is Jai character in Free Fire? So the answer is, this character is based on a SWAT agent who is trained to act in high-risk operations.

This will be the first character to represent India in this game. India has its own royale battle server and it is representing one of the biggest Fire Free groups in the world.

Jai Character Ability in Free Fire

There are already 31 characters in this game. Jai is not the first character based on a real-life person. There are several other characters that are inspired by a real-life persons like, DJ Alok and Luqeuta.

When it comes to specialty, this character has some other abilities. So people who are questioning, what is the ability of Jai in Free Fire? Here is the answer.

In this game, Jai will have the capability of Furious Reload skill. This means a percentage of ammunition in the guns used to kill enemies will be reloaded automatically. So the players with this character would no longer be required to reload the guns, which will save their time in the game.

How to Get Jai Character in Free Fire?

Gamers are curious about when they will be able to play in this character. Since the new character is still not out yet, and the information regarding how to get it will be uploaded on concern gaming site very soon. All you can do is wait until the time of its arrival.

This character is coming up with a challenge for the players named ‘Be The Hero’. The event will start as soon as the character will be practically available to use in the game. So the website is requesting to be stay tuned for more information to its fans and players.

Image of how to get Jai Character in Free Fire

Online gaming has never failed to amuse the game lovers. There are different varieties of online games. Player unknown’s battleground, League of Legends, Splatoon 2, Hearthstone, Fortnite Battle Royale are the most popular among all these days. Millions of people especially youth play online games on daily basis.

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These game developers organize different events and challenges for their players. The players who complete the challenge wins’ free tokens for the game. Some of the competitions are for money. Which means who wins the competition will be awarded millions of cash and other prizes.

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