Unspoken Rizz Meaning On TikTok — Explored

Another alien term ‘Unspoken Rizz’ is making rounds on the video-sharing app TikTok and users are looking for its meaning. If you are among the users wondering to know the meaning of this weird term, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know!

TikTok has the vastest collection of slang terms on the internet. While scrolling across the platform, you must have encountered an array of slang terms. From acronyms to slang terms and secret terms, you must have come across a variety of words that are hard to understand.

Especially the users who are new to the platform, find it difficult to cope with these slang terms. Thus, to help them get the meaning of these terms, we keep updating our dictionary of slang terms. Here is another addition to our slang terms dictionary. Keep reading to know the meaning of ‘Unspoken Rizz’ on TikTok.

What Is The Meaning Of Unspoken Rizz On TikTok?

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The term ‘Unspoken Rizz’ is getting immense popularity across the TikTok app as content creators have used them thousands of times. To get the meaning of this viral term, you are initially required to know the meaning of the term ‘rizz’.

The term ‘Rizz’ came to the spotlight after the famous YouTuber and streamer Kai Cenat started using it both on Twitch and YouTube. When asked about the meaning of ‘Rizz’, Kai revealed that he uses this term to refer to his skills of impressing women.

Urban Dictionary has also termed this term as a man’s ability to impress women. The term has remained on the internet since the summer of 2021.

The YouTuber Kai introduced this term to help his friends with their love lives. The followers of Kai have an opinion that this is not a single slang term but there is an entire tier system to update.

Meaning Of Unspoken Rizz

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Here are a few meanings of ‘Unspoken Rizz’ according to the Urban Dictionary, have a look!

1. Unspoken Rizz refers to “The act of only using your looks In order to get females.

You can use this term in sentences like this. “I walked pass that female and she just fell in love with me, man. And then, I unlocked the True form of the Unspoken Rizz.”

2. Another person defined the term as:

“The ability to attract and pull females based on your looks

Used and mastered by Duke Dennis

Kai: Yo that girl was on your body heavy what did you do?

Duke: Idk bro I just looked at her

Kai: Damn you must have unspoken rizz”.

3: Here is another definition:

Unspoken Rizz is the “The act of only using your looks in order to get females.

Kai Cenat has unspoken rizz.”

4: Note this explanation also:

“Successfully pulling females/female based on looks alone without vocalizing it

I pulled a girl with the same last name as me (we ain’t related) using unspoken rizz I must be damn good lookin.”

Well, this term created by Kai has become hugely popular on the internet, especially on TikTok. But, Kai doesn’t talk about improving your rizzing abilities.

The only message that he often conveys to his fans is, rizzing is find until you remain respectful. If you are crossing the boundaries that must be a trouble for both you and the person you are trying to impress.

Are you good at rizzing? Or do you have any pro tip for the people who want to become an unspoken rizz? Let us know in the comment section below.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of Unspoken Rizz, and the ways you can use this slang term in your daily conversation. Hopefully, the article was helpful!

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