UD83D Meaning On TikTok — Glitch Explained

Users on TikTok are encountering a new code word ‘UD83D’ and none of them are able to figure out the meaning. If you are among these users looking for the meaning behind this term, we have got you covered; here is everything you need to know about this widespread code word ‘UD83D’ on TikTok.

It is quite common for TikTok users to encounter new slang terms and acronyms on the video-sharing app. Being home to over a billion users from almost every corner of the world, TikTok has become the hub for catchphrases, acronyms, and short terms. People use slang terms and they become signature lingo for the users later on.

This time, users on the video-sharing app are curious to know the meaning behind a code phrase that they get to see in the captions. Here we have provided the meaning of the viral term ‘UD83D’ on TikTok.

What Is The Meaning Of UD83D On TikTok?

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If you are a regular scroller of TikTok, you might have encountered a code ‘UD83D’ appearing in the caption of several videos. Some users perceive it to be a glitch while others think it’s TikTok slang.

Well, UD83D is not the only term making users curious. Many other similar terms are also making rounds on the Foryou page. Some of the common codes appearing on the app are, ‘\ud83d\udc80’, ‘uD83d\udc41\ud83, and \ud83d.

Unable to figure out whether or not UD83D is slang or a glitch, TikTok users have taken it to Twitter and several other social media platforms.

Whether a glitch or slang, the TikTok term UD83D has created a lot of confusion online. Thousands of confused TikTok users have poured Twitter with several questions asking if it is a glitch or when are they going to get rid of it.

Here are some of the notable complaints made by TikTok users on Twitter:

One user wrote, “Why do TikTok descriptions today just have ‘uD83d\udc41\ud83..’ in the middle of them???”

Another said, “Is it just me or does every single video on TikTok have \ud83d in the caption like wtf does that mean?”

“Why tf does everyone have ‘\ud83d\ude0d’ in their TikTok caption?”, asked another user.

“Every day this week so far TikTok has gone down, v sad, they still haven’t even fixed the weird ud83d”, wrote another.

“What is with the \ud83d in TikTok captions and why does no one say anything about it in the comments”, another user wrote.

What Does UD83D Mean On TikTok?

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Well, the weird TikTok code UD83D appears to be slang but in reality, it is a glitch that appears as user type emojis in the captions.

Although emojis appear as little pictures, they work on codes and every emoji has a code behind them. For example, the skull emoji forms on this code‘\ud83d\udc80’.

So, when you are using an emoji, you are selecting from a variety of codes. And upon selecting an emoji in your TikTok caption, it appears as a code if not supported by the interface.

If you are seeing a code in the video captions, it is because the video creator has used an emoji that doesn’t support TikTok.

It has been several days since users are encountering this glitch but the video-sharing app hasn’t fixed it yet. It also has not responded to any of the queries of users on Twitter. Thus, there isn’t an official fix for this glitch so far.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of UD83D on TikTok and about how users have responded to it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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