Velo Sound — Pakistani Pop Music Is Back With A Bang

Velo sound is featuring the best pop artists this time. They have already given a kick start to their new season by featuring one of the best singers of Pakistan. Yes you heard it right. Our very favorite singer Atif Aslam is here with “Kadi Te Hans” on Velo Sound.

The song is viewed by millions of people just in 24 hours. Can you believe that? No? Go check Velo Sound Station and listen to Atif Aslam’s Kadi Te Hans to reminisce your old memories.

No doubt, the song is going to be a big hit because we couldn’t find any negative feedback on the song till now. With the hashtag #PopDontStop Velo Sound station is now on our nerves. Viewers are curious to know about the remaining artists for the upcoming songs. Want to know more? Let’s dive deep into details! Keep Scrolling.

Velo Sound Station

Image Of Velo Sound Station

This Sound Station has come up with a new idea for the revival of Pakistani Pop music. With the Slogan #PopDontStop, they are on a mission to attract young generation towards the traditional Pop music and ofcourse towards their product too.

Velo initially partnered with Vapemall in Pakistan to offer the VELO Nicotine Pouches. Their products come in various amazing flavors including: Berry Frost, Ruby Berry, Orange Blossom, Urban Vibe, Polar Mint.

Music is considered as a factor that unites people. Considering this, VELO has launched a Sound Station following footsteps of Nescafe Basement and Coke Studio, to market their product. Nicotine products wouldn’t have been this much easy to market if they used any marketing tactic other than music.

What Is Velo Sound Station

Velo is basically a brand from British American Tobacco which gives away tobacco free nicotine pouches. In order to reach large number of audience in Pakistan, they have launched VELO Sound Station which is a big hit till now.

Velo Sound Station can be considered as another version of Coke Studio, with an aim to reach their target market (Young generation) through Pop music. It has successfully attracted a large number of audience using this marketing technique.

What an amazing marketing stunt they have used? To my opinion it wouldn’t have been this easy for them to have this much following if they had used any other marketing stunt besides this music station. Hats off to their strategies.

As we are well aware about the fact that addictive products are prohibited to stream on media channels. Bearing this in mind, Velo has adopted the best possible solution to market their product among youth and young-adults.

Readers should also know that, this is a live singing platform unlike the other music stations of Pakistan. This platform has assembled all the music divas of Pakistan on a single stage. Well, it seems the best part of 2020 till now.

Velo Sound Singers

Image Of Velo Sound Singers

Velo Sound Station has just begun on 20th November 2020. Each episode will be comprised of 3 songs each. These songs will not be broadcasted on Television but you can catch them on the official YouTube channel of Velo Sound Station 2020.

Other than solo singers, musical bands will also be showing their Pop music skills from this platform. The singers featured for 2020 season of Velo Sound Station include, the very famous Atif Aslam, Umair Jaswal, Abdullah Qureshi, Sajjad Ali, Shamoon Ismail and Uzair Jaswal.

You will also be able to see some incredible female singers including, Aima Baig, Nighat Chaudhry, Natasha Norani, Sarah Haider and the great Meesha Shafi.

Additionally, some leading group bands, musical band Strings, Aag and Lahore based band Takatak will also grace the stage.

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Final Words

Velo Sound Station with live audience and Pop music theme, is going to be our new favorite this year. As the Corona Pandemic is counting its last days, let’s celebrate it with Velo. To know how amazing this season is going to be, listen to Atif’s “Kadi Te Hans” once. I bet you won’t regret it!

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