How To Turn On RTX — Here’s The Easiest Hack

Wondering to know How To Turn On RTX? Well, you are reading the most relevant article. This piece of writing will enlighten you with the easiest hack to Turn on RTX. Keep reading and play Minecraft like a pro.

The Minecraft RTX beta has been released on 16th of April this year. If you have encountered it, then most probably you would have idea about how difficult is it to use. Many of the gamers do not have idea about turning on the ray tracing Minecraft. If you are one of them, then there is nothing to worry about. Keep scrolling and excel the game.

How To Turn On RTX

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To activate RTX or to turn on ray tracing Minecraft you have to make sure that your system already has met the minimum requirements. If you don’t have knowledge about the minimum requirements read the preceding paragraph.

  1. Make sure your system’s GPU is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, or better than that.
  2. For CPU make sure that it is of Intel Core i5, or equivalent, or better than it.
  3. RAM should not be less than 8GB
  4. Storage should at least be 2GB
  5. Operating system should be comprised of  Windows 10, 63-bit

You can continue with the process of activating RTX only if you meet the above requirements.

How To Turn On RTX In Minecraft

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To make it easy to comprehend we have divided the process of turning on ray tracing Minecraft into few sections. Follow this step-by-step guide provided below to have better understanding.

In order to turn it on, install the Xbox Insider Hub initially. Then sign up for the RTX beta. Following that download the resources required and then create your personal RTX world on Minecraft.

Here is the detailed explanation,

Install the Xbox Insider Hub

Before you proceed, remember that you have to be a beta tester because this update is only available in beta. If you are the beta tester, you can proceed further. Now you have to Install the Xbox insider hub using the preceding method.

Go to Microsoft store then tap on the search button. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub and then download it right away.

Sign up for the RTX beta

Next thing you have to do is sign up for it. Here is how you can Sign up for the RTX beta,

Open the Xbox Insider Hub downloaded previously, then look for Insider content, following that go to Minecraft and then click on Manage. Now click on the radial button and hit the done button. Finally you can launch your Minecraft and then wait until you receive the update notification.

Download resources

The next step is to download the resources and here is how it can be done. Launch the Minecraft, then look for Market place once you get it then open worlds and then go to All Worlds. Following that, search for RTX and select your desired World to get downloaded.

Create your personal RTX world

Players do not have access to create their own world in Minecraft currently, it can be only done by downloading the resource pack that are being provided by NVIDIA.

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Last words

The Minecraft players should note that Minecraft RTX treatment cannot be availed on all versions of Minecraft. You have to have Bedrock Edition or Minecraft for Windows 10 to activate the RTX.

We hope that the article has given answers to all your queries and has given a complete understanding of how RTX can be turned on. If you still have any other issue related to this game, then you may let us know using the below comment box.

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