Among Us Lock Screen — All Details Provided

Among Us Lock Screen — created by a fan, has become popular in the Among Us Community. Some people are trying to sell it but beware! It is available for free for iOS 13 and 14. Scroll down to know all the facts regarding Among Us Lock Screen.

The Among Lock is developed by a fan Litteeen. The lock is similar to the reactor task from Among Us. It asks the users to press the keypad buttons in a precise pattern to complete the task. This lock tweak enables the users to unlock their phones with the keypad from the Among Us Game.

There is another twist with the Lock Screen, upon entering wrong password, it displays Imposter Screen from the game with a message “You were not the owner of this phone. Try again.”

What Is Among Us Lock Screen

Image Of What Is Among Us Lock Screen

The trending Among Us tweak provides some additional features other than the lock screen feature. These features include:

Hiding the emergency call button, hiding the backspace button, using the background video as your wallpaper and hiding the face recognition animation upon swiping up the screen.

You can avail the Among lock tweak as jailbreak add-on for iOS devices. But remember that, it is available only for iOS versions 13 and 14. When the creator of Among Us Lock Screen came to know about reselling of this free tweak he responded on twitter with following words;

“Every one of you should be able to use my tweaks for free, although I get nothing from it, but a happy smile on my face don’t ever believe something from me is paid, because it won’t ever happen, I appreciate all help to make this visible”

How To Get Among Us Lock Screen

To get this Among Us tweak you will need to have AmongLock Repo that can be availed from u/StrawberryLitten.

To get this newly customized lock screen you will need to follow the below steps,

  1. Get the Amonglock repo from the source provided above. If you don’t know how to get it, then go to Cyndia and open sources.
  2. Then, tap on “add” located in top right corner of your mobile screen.
  3. Copy the URL for repo and paste it in the dialog box that is being shown by cyndia
  4. Now, click on “add source”.
  5. Cyndia will get the sources of repo now and it will refresh all its data. Go to recently added Repo, it will display all the available tweaks. If you don’t get any, refresh it once.
  6. Now click on the button that says install.
  7. You will get the downloaded items list, click on confirm to continue installation.
  8. Once it gets installed, tap on the button saying ‘Restart Springboard’ located in the bottom of your mobile screen.

Among Us Custom Lock Screen

The custom lock screen Among Us, totally changes your lock screen on iOS devices. Your keypad will alter into Among Us Keypad. It will even have the sound effects from game. It will also give you a cool background animation for your lock screen.

The tweak has got zero negative feedback till now as it is a bug free tweak that works smoothly for Iphone users. The only problem you may face is that you will need to have a jailbroken device to get this lock. Jailbreaking is gaining root access to your file system that is often being denied by Apple.

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Concluding Remarks

Hopefully this article has given you complete understanding of availing Among Us Lock Screen for your iOS device. Let us know with your comments if you are familiar with any other easy hack to get this tweak. We will feel glad to hear from you.

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