Video Is Being Processed Error On TikTok — How To Fix?

TikTok users are swarming on Twitter to report an error that is restricting them to upload their videos. The video is being processed error on TikTok has spread like a wildfire on the video-sharing app and users are looking for possible fixes. If you are among these users looking for a quick fix, here we have got you all the details.

Well, it is not something new to report about a bug on social media applications. Every now and then social media users get exposed to bugs that disturb their scrolling experience. This time TikTok users are reporting an error that is restricting them to upload their videos on the app.

It seems like a bug has affected several users. If you are among the users struggling to upload a video on TikTok here we have pieced together all the details about how possibly this bug can be fixed.

What Is The Video Is Being Processed Error On TikTok?

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Video is being processed a widely spread error on TikTok. As users are trying to upload their videos they are encountering a message that reads ‘Video is being processed. According to the users, the video is taking hours but still showing the same notification.

As the problem doesn’t seem to get fixed, users have taken it to Twitter. Some users have asked their fellows about the error perceiving if it’s their internet that is creating trouble. However, many other users have also talked about the error thus confirming it has nothing to do with the internet but is a bug.

Here are some of the notable complaints made by users on the bird app.

One user wrote, “I posted on TikTok an hour ago and it still says the video is being processed? TikTok make it make sense”.

Another added, “TikTok still hasn’t processed my video. Idk why. Hard enough being on that app”.

Some users have requested TikTok to fix the issue explaining that they have never posted any contentious or controversial content on their profile still their videos are stuck.

Another Tweet read, “I don’t even have violations at the moment.  Tiktok just decided my stuff needs to sit in “video is being processed” today. Neither video was particularly contentious or even controversial, so I am not sure what is going on.”

Most users are seen tagging TikTok and TikTok support teams in their Tweets. However, TikTok has not responded to the complaints yet.

How To Fix The Video Is Being Processed Error On TikTok?

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As of now, TikTok has not talked about the “Video Is Being Processed” error thus there is no official fix to this error yet.

However, TikTok video creators think that the videos are just taking time because the video-sharing app has lengthened the review process. In order to make the app a safer place, TikTok keeps updating its terms and conditions. Thus, this error seems to be a new policy for reviewing the videos that the platform perceives to be contentious.

Besides this error, TikTok users are complaining about some other issues as well. One of the lingering issues that users have reported is ‘videos being stuck at 0 views’.

Even the most popular TikTok stars have talked about their videos being stuck at zero views. Several users also have reported the ‘Zero views’ issue on TikTok. One user wrote, “So my TikTok videos just .?? Aren’t posting? I’m not on a ban or anything and they just sit at 0 views?”.

Another said, “oh TikTok angry with me today, video under review for 3 hours. Oh, they pissed.”

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Last Words

This was all about what the videos is being processed error is on TikTok and all details surrounding this error. Hopefully, you have found all the required details.

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