TikTok Voice Effects Not Working — How To Fix?

TikTok users seem disappointed as they are encountering several glitches on the platform for some recent days. This time the TikTok users have complained that the voice effects are not working for them.

Users have found glitches with the TikTok voice effects after they tried to be part of the recent viral ‘Core memory’ trend. The viral challenge asks the users to post a video of one of their favorite memories. To make the trend look more realistic the users have to add a sound filter named ‘Echo’ on TikTok, in the background. This voice effect makes the video look more realistic.0020

However, not all TikTok users are able to access these voice effects. Many of them have been complaining on Twitter saying the effects are not working for them.

If you are among these users looking to access the TikTok voice effects, we have got you all details here.

Why Are TikTok Voice Effects Not Working?

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As TikTok users are trying to be part of a viral trend, they are unable to spot the voice effects on the app. Users have complained that the voice effects are not showing up thus they are unable to complete the Core memory’ challenge on the ByteDance-owned app.

Usually, the effect works following the below steps:

  • Firstly the users have to upload or record a video.
  • Once they are done recording, they have to tap on the pink tick to enter the editing interface.
  • In the editing bar, the ‘voice effects’ option is located.
  • As you tap on the option, you will get exposed to several voice effects.
  • You can select any of the voice effects to apply in your video.

This was how the voice effects usually worked. But now, the users are complaining that they are not even able to spot the option on their mobile screen.

It might be a glitch as users have reported, many other glitches on the app for the last few days. Just yesterday users were complaining about not being able to get views on their videos and they also talked about not being able to upload their videos on the app as it showed an error saying ‘The video is being processed”.

So, the missing voice effects might be just another glitch on the app.

How To Fix The TikTok Voice Effects?

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While TikTok is yet to address this issue, content creators on TikTok have come up with one possible reason for the missing voice effects.

According to the video creators, the reason why users are unable to get the voice effects option is they are trying to add effects on a video that is being uploaded on the app from their gallery.

For most videos that are being uploaded from the gallery, the voice effect feature doesn’t work. However, it works perfectly with the videos that are being recorded on the TikTok app.

So, if you want the feature to work, you will be required to record a video by simply tapping on the + button located in the center of your mobile screen.

It seems like, TikTok is yet to test the voice effects feature with the uploaded videos. Some users don’t agree with this argument as they are able to add voice effects to even the uploaded videos. Considering this, for now, we can assume that TikTok is testing with the feature and it might be available for all the users in a month or more.

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Final Thoughts

This was all the available information about why the voice effects are not working on TikTok. Do you know any quick fix to this issue? Let us know in the comment box below.

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