What Does Sneaky Link Mean On TikTok — Explained

The latest slang to take over the Foryou page of TikTok with storm is “Sneaky Link”. But What Does Sneaky Link Mean On TikTok? Let’s explore together.

Being home to millions of users from all around world, TikTok has become a multi lingual hub. People hailing from different countries and cultures use different slang terms and they become signature lingo for the users later on.

If you are a new user on TikTok, then you might have come across plenty of slang terms while scrolling through the foryou page. Without being able to understand the meanings of these slang terms you will realize that you have grown old or out of touch.

Surprisingly, every generation on the video-sharing application has their own collection of slang terms. The list of these slang terms keeps on adding with every passing day. So, if you want to survive on this platform then you will need to cope with all these slang terms. And to deal with your young and intelligent followers you will need to understand all the slang terms used on this video sharing app.

Some users on TikTok are currently obsessed with a new catch-phrase saying “Sneaky Link” but the majority are struggling to know its meaning. If you are among those users who don’t know the meaning, then here is what Sneaky Link Means On TikTok.

Sneaky Link TikTok Song

Image Of Sneaky Link TikTok Song

The secret phrase “Sneaky Link” is used to describe about someone you are secretly hooking up with. So, the person you are hooking up with silently will be called as your “Sneaky Link”. This is usually used in a situation where someone is cheating on their partner. But it can also used when a single person is hiding his/her relationship with someone from his/her friends.

In most of the videos, users have featured the Sneaky Link song by HXLLYWOOD. It says “Sneaky Link” over and over again. Here are the lyrics of Sneaky Link song, in case you have missed it.

Sneaky link (uh)

Sneaky link (yeah)

Sneaky link (what?)

Girl, I can be your sneaky link (sneaky link)

Be my sneaky link (sneaky link)

Yeah (uh), ayy (uh), ayy

Girl, I can be your sneaky link (we sneaky)

Be your sneaky link

Yeah, I’m your sneaky link

And I heard you got a man

Hollywood don’t give a damn

I make lil’ mama jam

So, I know that you a fan

Gonna dance for all these bands

Like I am your Only Fans

I can be your Only Fans

(Girl, I’m your Only Fans)

Sneaky Link TikTok Origin

Image Of Sneaky Link TikTok Origin

The viral phrase, Sneaky Link became popular after the Sneaky Link song started appearing on the Foryou page. Considering this song, the brainy TikTok users made their own version of the sneaky link.

Many users have made videos showing their own sneaky links. A user named @igottaphatcooche has uploaded a video that shows her laying on the bed with a dog. Her caption reads, “My sneaky link left to buy me a puff bar and his dog sat next to me”.

So, this video has told her followers that she is hooking up with someone and she doesn’t want to reveal anything about him. This video has racked up more than 154K likes from her TikTok fam.

You may also have seen people talking to their friends using this secret phrase. One user said, “I can’t have a sneaky link because imma fall in love’’. Another comment reads, Me and my sneaky link fell in love, you all be careful out here”.

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Bottom Line

Finally, we can conclude that Sneaky Link is a secret slang that TikToker’s are using to describe about their secret hook ups. Hopefully, you are all clued up.

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