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If you are snooping to know about What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain then you are scrolling through the most relevant post. this article will enlighten you with the full details of Naruto’s fight with pain. Stay tuned!

The hype has surged on the social media platforms recently as people are probing to know about the episode details where Naruto fights pain. Most of the users have taken to Reddit and other Reddit users have come forward for their help.

Seeing the answer’s views, one can easily understand the popularity of this Japanese Manga. Some users have pointed that the animations lack at this point of series so many others are rushing to witness if it’s true. One Reddit user has claimed that, Pain looks like a camel on one point.

Here is more about the Episode where Naruto faces Pain.

In What Episode Did Naruto Fight Pain

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The fight between Naruto and Pain doesn’t take place in a single episode but it continues till seven continuous episodes. If you want to witness the extreme fight then we would suggest you turn on episode 166 “Planetary Devastation”. It is the episode 14 of the season seven.

The fight between Naruto and Pain starts form episode 163 and it continues till episode 169. Following this in seventh season, episode 10 Naturo initiates the fight by taking the paths of pain. You can get the episode 10 under the name “Blast! Sage Mode.”

The fight continues through four more episodes of season seven. Following the episode 10, you can witness fight in episode 11 as well. Episode 11 can be identified as “Danger! Sage Mode Reach Reached,”. The very next episode, episode 12 “Nine Tails, Captured!” also shows the fight scenes between Naturo and pain.

It goes on till episode 13, “Confessions” and episode 15 “The Fourth Hokage” as well. The battle ends in episode 169, which is the episode 16 of season seven, named “The Two Students.”

Why Naruto Fights With Pain

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The fight takes place right after the midpoint of the Pain Invasion arc. As Naturo returns to his village, it was hard for him to recognize if it really was his village.  The reason was because Pain has destructed his village almost beyond their recognition. Seeing the situation, Naturo becomes sad and he feels as if his teacher kakashi had died.

After witnessing the massive destruction, Naturo becomes sad and angry at the same time. In a rage, Naturo initiates his fight with pain. This fight later continues till episode 169, after continuing for almost seven episodes. These episodes were originally on-aired in Japan from June 3rd, till July 22, 2010.

Naruto Fight Pain

Some users have complained that these episodes had the worst animation. Considering these complaints, some fans have already come forward to confront them. One Anime critic and fan, know on Reddit as Samuel Corell has replied to all those who were talking about the bad animation.

This is what he has said, “And to those who say the fight is bad simply because of multiple two-second shots that seem terrible if you watch them repeatedly, the rest of the fight more than makes up for it.

One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, whatever show you bring up, it will have moments you can look at and shout BAD ANIMATION to seem cool. Not dissing you, just saying, every show has its good and bad moments.”

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