Is Steamunlocked Safe — Here’s All You Need To Know

Game lovers are probing to know if Steamunlocked is a safe site to download games or not. Most of them have an opinion that the website is legit but the rest of website users have titled it as a scam. Let’s discuss it in detail to discover whether Steamunlocked is a safe or not.

For the players who have just heard about this website, it is an online platform that allows you download all your favorite games free of cost. Almost all online games are available on the sites for players to download for free.

In their mission, the website explains that they allow the players to download their favorite games pre-installed on steam without the cost. They also added that, they are well aware about the fact that people hate downloading so many game parts and installing them all at their own. So, they claim to be the number one website that pre-installs every game for the users.

The website contains a wide variety of games including shooters games, action, racing, simulators and VR games. Let’s check it they really care about their users or they just a team of scammers.

Is Steamunlocked A Safe Site?

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To get an unbiased opinion about the Steamunlocked website, users have taken it to Reddit. Most of the Reddit users have opinion that it is a safe website to download games as every single program available on website is scanned plenty of times so the programs are virus free. On the flip side, many users have been posting negative comments in the review section of Trustpilot.

One user on the Trustpilot website has shown the users a red flag. Here is what they have written, “I would Highly Recommend to Stay away for this shi**ty site they have some kind of ads which will Ruin your whole pc all my Files are Encrypted and it want me to pay some money then they will Decrepit my Drives and all files in it.” If this review is based on facts then it is something really dangerous.

Though it has racked up 3.9 stars on the review chart but the bad comments cannot be ignored. According to the Trustpilot, the negative reviews have not being addressed since last 12 months. Trustpilot has further revealed that the website has garnered almost 60% good reviews while 20% of the users have shown displeasure towards the website.

Steamunlocked Review

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Upon probing about the website, we have found that they have disabled their contact form. It is not a common practice of legit websites. When tapped on the Contact section, you will be directed to a page containing the following message.

“Due to the overwhelming amount of emails we receive, we have temporarily disabled our contact form until further notice. Please refer to the FAQ page and HELP section if you need any assistance with this site.”

This means that, the customer service of this website isn’t reliable and people should avoid this website. Here is one more review from a user of this site:

 “DONT USE THIS SITE! I have downloaded a total of 2 games via steamunlocked. 1 had no problem I just could play it perfectly no problem. But then with the second game, I downloaded a virus… it was not really a harmful one and I just easily removed it but it took some time. So, do NOT take the risk! Be safe fellow gamers”

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Bottom Line

After this detailed information, we just hope that you will be able to decide whether to use this website or not. We would suggest you to take the decision after considering all the above provided facts carefully.

5 thoughts on “Is Steamunlocked Safe — Here’s All You Need To Know”

  1. idk i want to download forza horizon 4 but i dont know if it is a good idea and if this site is 100% safe. could u tellme?

  2. Steamunlocked neobsahuje virus jenom někteří nechápou že se objeví na uploudheavenu a tam musí čekat 15 sekund poté kliknout a skočí tam reklama. Tu musíte zavřít a znova kliknout, poté se dostanete na uploudheaven znova ale tentokrát se hra začne stahovat.


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