What Happened To Kali Muscle? Explore Here

The popular actor, author, entertainer, and bodybuilder Kali Muscle is being spotted in hospital recently, but what happened to him? Fans are speculating that he has had a heart attack, is it true? Find more about it here.

Born on 18th February 1975 in Oakland, California the popular actor, and entertainer Kali Muscle is currently 46 years old. He has appeared in several ads for prominent companies like Snickers, Honda, and Geico.

However, recently the popular actor is being spotted lying on the hospital bed. In one of his recent YouTube videos, the actor was heard saying ‘I Almost Died’. So, what happened to Kali Muscle? Is he fine now? Let’s discover together.

Who Is Kali Muscle?

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Kali Muscle is a multi-talented internet personality hailing from the USA. He spent his childhood in Oakland, California. In one of his videos the popular actor, entertainer and bodybuilder said that he had a complicated childhood.

Kali faced depression, anxiety, and anger issues at a very young age following his brother’s suicide. He has also remained behind the bars for a quite long period. As he came out of the prison he decided to get into the world of bodybuilding. Following this, he tried his luck in acting and has appeared in adverts for companies like Geico, Snickers, and Honda.

Kali has amassed several awards in the field of bodybuilding. He won his first bodybuilding show in the year 2009. In the following year, he moved to LA to pursue his passion for bodybuilding and to launch his career in acting.

Besides being popular for his adverts, Kali also runs a YouTube channel. Some of his YouTube videos are being filmed from prison. In a video (‘Cooking A High-Calorie Meal’), that he rolled in the year 2015, he was heard saying that sodium-conscious people weren’t “swole”.

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What Happened To Kali Muscle?

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The year 2021 hasn’t proved to be a good year for Kali Muscle as he encountered a wake-up call. In the recent YouTube video posted on November 7th, Kali Muscle revealed that he almost died of a heart attack. In this video, the popular bodybuilder can be heard saying ‘I Almost Died’.

He further revealed that he had some health issues previously but he never thought of having a heart attack. Kali added in the latest video, “For years man, I had a problem with oedema in my feet and ankles. But, you know, I was younger I didn’t think much of it. Being a tough a**, we ignore people saying that like I ain’t got no heart problems.“

Describing how severely he was struggling for his life a woman standing in the background added, “Your left artery that supplies blood to your left side of the heart had been clogged one hundred percent.“

In the video, he further discussed that the day before he had the heart attack, he went to the dentist and came back home, had a pain killer, and went to bed but he suddenly woke up with chest pain. Kali said in the video, “I went to bed and got suddenly woke up with chest pains.”

Initially, he thought it was heartburn and tried remedies for heartburn but the pain “wouldn’t subside for like two hours“.

When the pain didn’t seem like going, they went to the hospital. Once they entered the hospital he was taken for surgery.

He further said, “Since a kid, I always had problems with my feet, with oedema and migraines real bad. I’ve always been concerned so I don’t wanna say it’s a wake-up call, the feet swelling would simmer down but it always was there. “

Bottom Line

In the last part of the video, the popular bodybuilder revealed that he couldn’t have faced this surgery if he addressed the problem earlier. He further added, “This was an ongoing problem I ignored for at least 15 years.”

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