Add Your Sticker Not Working On Instagram – How To Fix?

Instagram users seem frustrated as the new Add Your Sticker is not working. Users are sharing their concerns over every social media platform, but they are unable to find any fix as of now. Here is more about why the popular Add Your Sticker option from Instagram is not working.

Add Your Sticker is the most recent Instagram option that became immensely popular among users. It enables the users to create a shared photo thread where anyone can add pictures relating to the caption. Some of the popular captions that most people follow are ‘Who are you in love with’, ‘favorite photo from the summer, and ‘plant one tree for every pet’.

However, thousands of users are complaining as the option has stopped working. Let’s discover why this popular option has stopped working and if there is a fix to it.

Why Is Add Your Sticker Not Working On Instagram?

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Instagram users are flooding Twitter with complaints as the “Add Your Sticker” option is not responding. Users have revealed that, as they tap on the option, nothing happens. Neither the options works nor does it notify regarding any error.

Usually, after clicking on the ‘Add Yours’ option, the sticker automatically allows you to add a picture from your gallery to the thread. But the sticker is broken now and users are clueless about why the option doesn’t work.

As soon as the Add Your Sticker option stopped working, users took it to Twitter to confirm if they are alone in this glitch or it exists for users worldwide.

One Instagram user said, Why’s the ‘Add Yours’ sticker on Instagram not working for me at all?”

Another said, “Am I an idiot, or is the ‘Add Yours’ icon for that pet thing just not working for me??? I’ve tried to tap it on every single story that’s come up and it won’t let me do anything with it”.

 A third user wrote, This thing on Instagram with the sticker with whatever caption and then it says ‘Add Yours’ is not working for me. Aren’t you supposed to just click on it or what am I doing wrong?”

Is anyone else “add yours” button not working on IG or just mine? said another.

Instagram Users Seem Frustrated As The New Add Your Sticker Option Is Not Working

Image Of Instagram Users Seem Frustrated As The New Add Your Sticker Option Is Not Working

Although complaints have flooded the social media platforms, Instagram has not addressed the issue yet.

Also, this isn’t the first time Instagram users have faced glitches while using their favorite features. Most newly launched features face issues at the begging and as Add Your Sticker Option is also a new feature it might take time to address the glitches.

While there isn’t a confirmed solution to this glitch, you can try your luck by following the below fixes.

  • Shut down your Instagram app and re-launch it to check if the option works.
  • Log out your Instagram account and then login back. Check if the sticker works for you now.
  • Turn your phone off and turn it on again. Open your Instagram app and check if it works.
  • If none of the above fixes work, uninstall your Instagram app and the reinstall it from the app store.

If none of the above fixes work, wait for Instagram to address the issue. Hopefully, Instagram will fix this current glitch very soon.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the new Instagram feature “Add Your Sticker” and the reaction of users following a glitch in this popular feature. As of the time of writing, Instagram has not addressed the glitch and it also hasn’t revealed any possible reason for the glitch.

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