What Is Barrel Roll On Google — The Google Trick Explored

Alongside being the best teacher to answer your questions, Google also has now become the go-to platform to play fun games and tricks. This time internet users are suggesting their friends to do A Barrel Roll on Google, but what exactly is this trick? We have explored all the details here in this article.  Keep reading and get all details about the fun trick.

Google, the leading search engine and marketing company has acquired the 80% of the world’s internet traffic. It has over 4 billion monthly active users. From providing answers to your questions and helping you out to get a variety of questions, Google is known as the leading search engine among people from all around the world.

Another addition to Google’s services is its fun games and tricks. Currently, Twitter users are asking their friends to ‘do a barrel roll’ on Google but what exactly is this trick, and how to be part of it? We have explored it here. Have a look!

How To Do A Barrel Roll On Google?

Image Of How To Do A Barrel Roll On Google

Users on Twitter and several other social media users are asking their friends to type ‘Do a barrel roll’ on Google.  Considering it another prank, users are avoiding being part follow the instructions. However, this time, ‘Do a barrel roll’ isn’t any racial slur nor it is any dangerous challenge. It’s just a fun trick that most users on Google are up to right now.

Seeing the word Barrel, some of you might have guessed what possibly the trick is about. To try the trend, all you are required to have is to type “do a barrel roll” into the Google search. As you tap enter, the entire page will start revolving like a barrel in a circular motion. It simply revolves like a ceiling fan at a high speed.

However, the page will return to its original position after a single spin. You can do the trick again by following the steps once again.

The technique has started years before on other platforms before it was introduced on Google. The technique is said to be used in World War I as an airplane aerial combat technique. Later it was added in the Super Nintendo console game Star Fox also.

 Nonetheless, this trick can only be applied on the search page. It doesn’t apply to other pages of Google.

Here is how Twitter users have asked their friends to try the trick.

One user wrote, ‘Wait till you Google “Do a barrel roll”.

Another wrote, ‘This is fun, go on Google and write “Do a barrel roll”.

Do A Barrel Roll Google

Image Of Do A Barrel Roll Google

Well, Do A Barrel Roll isn’t the only trick on Google.  There are several other tricks that most of you might not be aware of.

Here we have explained some of the similar tricks from Google.

Number One: Google Sphere

If you have a history of motion sickness, you are requested not to try this trick. As you type ‘Google sphere’ in the search bar and tap on ‘I’m feeling Lucky’, all the tabs on the page will begin to glide for a few minutes.

Number Two: How to spell askew

This is another trick you can try with your browser. On writing ‘askew’ in Google search, your search page will tilt. All other words and sentences on the page will also appear tilted.

Also, know the meaning of ONB on the internet

Bottom Line

This was all about what is the do a barrel roll on Google is all about. Do you know any other Google trick or game? Let us know in the comment box below.

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