Is Blanket Connect Scam? Website Review Jan 2022

A new website Blanket Connect is flaunting across the internet and users are curious to know whether or not it is a scam. To help the shoppers make a worthy deal, here we have provided all the details about Blanket Connect. Have a look!

As the internet is filled with thousands of scammers, it has become quite difficult for online shoppers to differentiate between fake and legitimate websites. Even scam websites are built so professionally that buyers easily get scammed. One of the similar websites is Cotosen, and plenty of people have got scammed after making a purchase. You can read the full review of Cotosen to know how it is scamming innocent online buyers.

Nonetheless, Blanket Connect has now emerged on the internet and users are looking to know if the website is a legit deal or a scam. If you are also planning to make a purchase from Blanket Connect, do read this article till the end.

Is Blanket Connect A Legit Website?

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It has become crucial for online shoppers to research well before making a purchase from online portals. If you have landed on our site following your research regarding this site, we really appreciate your efforts.

As the name suggests Blanket Connect is an online portal that claims to deliver premium quality blankets. The website further claims that it provides blankets at a steal deal price and you can grab your favorite blanket from any corner of the world.

The website is established recently and it seems like, it is eyeing on spreading worldwide. Blanket Connect mainly deals in single integrated cover weighted blankets. The blankets are claimed to have been made of premium quality material and can be easily washed in the machine.

To provide you with all legit information about the site, we have examined Blanket Connect based on the following factors.

  • Domain age
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Trust Index Rank
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Presence
  • Company Address

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail.

Blanket Connect Reviews

Image Of Blanket Connect Reviews

Number One: Domain Age

The domain of Blanket Connect is registered recently. It was created on 26th December 2021 and isn’t even a month old. Considering its age, we would suggest the shoppers wait for a few more months.

Number Two: Trust Score

As the website is a newbie, it has scored a poor trust score online. It has scored just 2% which is not enough to consider the website as a legitimate one.

Number Three: Customer Reviews

For online buyers, the most efficient tool to measure a website’s legitimacy is ‘the website’s customer reviews.  Based on the reviews given by previous purchasers, users make decisions about whether or not to make a purchase.

There is no customer review on the official portal of Blanket Connect. We also weren’t able to spot any customer review of the website on any internet site.

Number Four: Trust Index Rank

The website has got 27.7/100th position in the trust index. This is not again something favorable.

Number Five: Website Content

The website content of Blanket Connect seems to have been copied from any other site. The site’s content quality also is poor.

Number Six: Social Media Presence

Although the social media icons are provided on the platform, they are of no use. Upon clicking on the icon nothing happens, they do not lead you to the social media sites. This is again a negative point.

Number Seven: Company Address

The website also doesn’t contain the company address which is not a normal practice of legit websites.

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Bottom Line

This was all about if Blanket Connect is a legit or a scam website. Hopefully, you will be able to make a worthy deal online now.

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