What Is Google Gravity Trick? Here’s All You Need To Know

Users on the internet are asking their friends to try the Google Gravity Trick. But what exactly is the Google Gravity Trick? Here we have provided all information about this viral Google Trick.

Following the trends and challenges of the popular social media sites, users have now identified some tricks on Google as well. These tricks have now made the users go crazy and they are busy inviting their friends to try these tricks.

 Just recently we talked about the popular Google trick, ‘do a barrel roll’ and now users have come up with another one. Well, we are happy that Google has now started giving us the chance to try fun tricks and games alongside providing unlimited information.

Here in this article, you will get to know what Google Gravity Trick is and how to try the trick. Keep Reading!

How To Do The Google Gravity Trick?

Image Of How To Do The Google Gravity Trick

Users on Twitter and other social media platforms are asking their friends to try the Google tricks. Some of the recent tricks that have gone viral on the internet are to ‘do a barrel’ or ‘how to spell askew’.

Do a barrel roll just asks the users to type ‘Do a barrel’ in the search tab and hit enter. Upon hitting the enter button, your Google search page will start revolving like a fan. Similarly, ‘how to spell askew’ asks the users to type the word ‘askew’ in the search tab. As soon as you hit the enter tab your Google search page will appear tilted.

However, the Google Gravity Trick is quite different as compared to ‘askew’ and ‘Do a barrel’. You will witness nothing by just writing the Google Gravity Trick in the search bar. But once you tap on the ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ under the navigation bar, you will witness the magic.

What you will witness is, all the Google options on your page will drop down as if they are pulled by gravity.

After trying the magic of Google Gravity Trick, users have started comparing it to Google Gravity Space. However, Google Gravity Space is a little different than the now-trending Google trend.

If you haven’t heard of the Google Gravity Space, it asks the users to type Google Gravity Space in the search bar. As the users hit enter, their search page starts floating. Unlike all the tricks stated previously, Google Space Gravity stays longer. Once the trick is applied, you cannot use the navigation option nor will all other landing pages will work. You also cannot look up for anything until the Google Space Gravity is applied on your Google page.

Google Gravity Trick

Image Of Google Gravity Trick

Until now, the internet users were only aware of the dinosaur run that comes to entertain them when the internet didn’t work. However, the users have now explored some other tricks that are entertaining them with an active internet.

If you are enjoying these, you can also try a few more Tricks. Some of the other trending tricks are ‘Do a barrel roll’ that we already have discussed and The Google Sphere Trick.

Quite similar to the Google Gravity Tick, Google Sphere Trick also asks the users to search the name of the trick in the tab. After tapping on the ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ tab under the search tab, all the tabs on your desktop will start floating and it will last for a few seconds.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Google Gravity Trick on the internet is and how to complete it. So, when will you be surprising your friends with these Google Tricks, let us know in the below comment box!

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