What Is Tap To Load Snapchat Prank? Explored

An old Snapchat prank has resurfaced on the snap-sharing app and users are inquiring to know what the prank actually is all about and how to be part of it. If you are among the users inquiring about this viral Snapchat prank, here is what the ‘Tap To Load’ joke is all about and why has it resurfaced on the app.

It is quite fun to play pranks on your friends but when it comes to playing pranks on social media, the fun doubles. Ever since the concept of social media has emerged, we have witnessed several pranks go viral on the internet. Now, the idea of playing pranks on social apps has become a ritual.

Even though it also is so much fun to play pranks on your friends, family, and siblings as you get to see their reactions live, playing pranks on social media also has its own perks.

Just recently, an old Snapchat prank has resurfaced and users are having fun with it. If you have not heard about this prank earlier, here is everything you need to know.

Snapchat Tap To Load Prank

Image Of Snapchat Tap To Load Prank

Snapchat is mainly used to share snaps and keep the streaks going. It is also known to most of us that snaps on this snippet-sharing app are set to auto-download and they get downloaded directly if you have an active internet connection.

So, whenever you receive a snap, you have to tap on it and you are good to go. Taking benefit of this Snapchat feature, users have started playing pranks on their friends.

Following the Tap To Load Prank, what Snapchat users do is, get a “loading image” from the internet. And then they start sending it to their friends. Alongside the image, they are adding a caption that creates an emergency situation thus the users get tricked really fast.

As the image shows a “loading” sign on it, the receiver gets tricked into believing that the image is not being downloaded following any internet issue or a glitch. The receiver keeps tapping on the image with the aim to download the content without realizing it already is being downloaded.

After struggling to get the image downloaded most Snapchat users have called the senders of the image in emergency only to hear that it was a prank. This prank has fooled several users online and it is spreading hastily.

The prank initially got viral on Snapchat in 2021, and now it has resurfaced on the snippet-sharing app.

How To Do Snapchat Tap To Load Prank

Image Of How To Do Snapchat Tap To Load Prank

To be part of this viral Snapchat prank, you are required to follow the below steps:

  • To fool your friends, initially, get an image or a video that features “loading” text on it.
  • Next, send the downloaded image accompanied with a caption that must be able to create an emergency situation.
  • To make the prank appear even more realistic, add an emoji that you usually use.
  • Once you have planned it well, send it to all your close friends and wait for the response.
  • Also, don’t forget to stay offline as it will add more fuel to the prank.

If you are not sure about how to create an emergency situation try out the below sentences.  

Simply write, “I have something very important to tell you… don’t tell anyone, okay?”

Or write, “I have bad news, sorry.”

You can say something like, “You got scammed” accompanied by a crying emoji.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the trendy Snapchat prank and the ways you can make it look realistic. Hopefully, we have provided all the information you needed to know.

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