Enkyboys Creator Is Diagnosed With Colon Cancer

In a viral TikTok video the Enkyboys creator from TikTok has revealed that he is being diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Fans are devastated to know that Randy Gonzalez was fighting cancer for more than six months now. Here is what we know about this heartbreaking news.

The news of Randy Gonzalez’s colon cancer was revealed in a video rolled on the TikTok handle Enkyboys. The TikTok account Enkyboys is a famous page run by Randy and his small son. The account mainly shares videos of the everyday activities of Randy and his son. This TikTok handle has amassed over 15 million followers as of now.

Randy is also known on TikTok for his sketches, comedy skits, and dance videos. Millions of users from every corner of the globe watch his content and stay amused.

However, a recent video shared by official Enkyboys Creator account has revealed that Randy Gonzalez is being diagnosed with Colon cancer. The video shared by Randy Gonzalez aims at creating awareness about Colon cancer among young men. Here is more about the latest video shared by Randy Gonzalez.

TikTok Star Randy Gonzalez Is Suffering From Colon Cancer

Image Of TikTok Star Randy Gonzalez Is Suffering From Colon Cancer

In the video shared last week, the Enkyboys creator Randy Gonzalez revealed that he is being diagnosed with Colon Cancer and he is battling this deadly disease for more than six months now.

In the emotional video shared with his fans, Randy Gonzalez said: “Six months ago, I got diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. I kept it to myself and I felt like it was selfish because I didn’t want to tell everyone my business because it was personal. But I feel like I can use my situation to give awareness to young men like myself.”

He further added, “They diagnosed me with colon cancer, the doctor said I have two or three years to live and they said with chemo I have five years to live.”

The caption of a video shared later speaks about how the content creator wants to create awareness about this disease. The caption reads, “The fight isn’t over! We are still spreading awareness for colon cancer and ask that you all please keep sharing so that we can reach our goal and continue to fight this battle together.”

Randy Gonzalez Shares Colon Cancer Diagnosis

Image Of Randy Gonzalez Shares Colon Cancer Diagnosis

As the digital creator, Randy Gonzalez is left with a few years to live, his family has started a GoFundme campaign to cope with his medical expenses. In the description of the GoFundMe campaign, Randy Gonzalez wrote:

Hello, my name is Randy Gonzalez and this fundraiser is to help me to pay for my treatment at MDAnderson and to bring awareness for Colon Cancer to all young men who are not familiar with it.”

As of now, this fundraiser campaign has collected $175,783 while the goal is to gather $1,000,000. After the family has launched this campaign, they appeared on Channel 11 News, Fox 26 News, and ABC 30 Eye Witness News.

Speaking on television Randy said, “I want every young man 20s to 30, 30s to 40s to get checked for colon cancer.”

Randy’s son also talked about his father’s situation saying: “it is going to be okay because it’s in God’s hands and he’s going to take care of it.”

Fans are left in shock to hear this news and many of them have participated in the fundraiser to help Randy cope with his medical expenses.

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This was all about the Enkyboys new video and about his condition. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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