What Is The Meaning Of Pink And Blue Ribbon Tattoo? Explored

While scrolling across the foryou page, you might have seen some creators flaunting their Pink and Blue Ribbon on TikTok, do you think what is the meaning behind this tattoo? If not, don’t worry, we are here for help. Here we have pieced together all the information about why do people make pink and blue ribbon tattoos.

Alongside being a popular entertainment platform, TikTok also creates awareness about several issues. From breast cancer awareness campaigns to raising awareness regarding child abuse and other issues, TikTok plays a vital role.

Just recently we talked about the Purple butterfly sticker that people use to talk about their lost child. The purple butterfly sticker is often pasted on those hospital wards where a woman gives birth to multiple babies, twins, triplets, or quadruplets but one of the children doesn’t survive.

Quite similar to the purple butterfly sticker, the pink and blue ribbon tattoo also has a hidden meaning behind it, but what exactly? Here we have explored your answer.

Meaning Of Pink And Blue Ribbon Tattoo On TikTok

Image of Meaning Of Pink And Blue Ribbon Tattoo On TikTok

The pink and blue ribbon tattoo has a sad meaning behind it. It is used to raise awareness about baby loss and is often used during the Baby Loss Awareness Week which takes place in October every year.

During the Baby Loss Awareness week, people who have lost their babies or whose near ones had gone through this difficult phase, wear this ribbon to show their support. Quite similar to the pink ribbon that people wear during Breast Cancer Awareness week.

As some users flaunted their pink and blue ribbon tattoos on TikTok, the entire TikTok fam came to know about the sad meaning behind it. Since then, more people are hopping into the trend and are creating pink and blue ribbon tattoos to signify their baby loss. Some users are making these tattoos to support their loved ones who have lost their babies.

As the tattoos went viral on TikTok, users have taken it to Twitter as well. Here are some of the Tweets:

A mommy who lost her baby wrote, “I also got a miscarriage pink and blue ribbon tattoo”.


Why Do People Make Pink And Blue Ribbon Tattoo?

Image Of Why Do People Make Pink And Blue Ribbon Tattoo

Well, if you are a regular user of the Chinese video-sharing app, you must have come across several other tattoos on the app. Although you might have seen several tattoos, you might not be aware of the meaning behind them.

Have you seen a semicolon tattoo? Do you know what does it mean? we are quite sure you are not aware of its meaning. Well, while writing English, a semicolon is used when an author could have chosen to end a sentence but he/she decides not to. Quite similar is the meaning of semicolon tattoo.

People who have made a semicolon tattoo anywhere on their body, are ones who once in their life thought of ending their life (suicide) but they decided not to. This tattoo signifies that many people go through tough phases in their lives but ending their life instead of fighting with the hardships isn’t a good idea.

Another Tattoo that went popular on TikTok recently was the Greek goddess Medusa, which signifies that no woman deserves harassment or punishment.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what is the meaning of a pink and blue ribbon tattoo on TikTok and why users are hopping into this tattoo trend. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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