‘I Want Someone To Love Me’ Trend On TikTok — Explored

The new trend ‘I Want Someone To Love Me’ is getting traction on the ByteDance owned app TikTok and hundreds of users are hopping into it. What the trend is all about and how to participate in it? We have explored everything here. Have a look!

A new day and a new TikTok trend. Users on TikTok are drooling over a new song and it has given rise to a whole new trend. This trend is not about grooving on a trending beat nor is it a funny trend or a tasty recipe. It is all about expressing your feelings.

To be part of this viral trend, you will be required to memorize the signature ‘I Want Someone To Love Me’ song.

What Is The ‘I Want Someone To Love Me’ Trend?

Image Of What Is The ‘I Want Someone To Love Me’ Trend

Avid users of TikTok are aware of the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of tracks on the app that have got recognition from the video-sharing app. Before hopping onto TikTok, such tracks were rarely known but they amassed the limelight after reaching thousands of users across the country via TikTok.

Currently, the viral TikTok trend ‘I Want Someone To Love Me’ is attracting thousands of users from across the globe. The track used for this track is not the latest one, it was rather released in 2021.

The original title of this song is ‘That’s What I Want, but TikTokers refer it to as ‘I Want Someone To Love Me. This track is being sung by Lil Nas X and is part of his album ‘MONTERO’ released last year.

This 2021-album of Lil Nas X was quite popular as it contained viral hits including Call Me By Your Name, Industry Baby, and Lost in the Citadel. However, ‘That’s What I Want’ didn’t get enough attention initially, but now it is taking over the foryou page. Thanks to the TikTok video creators who introduced it on the platform.

The lyrics of is ‘That’s What I Want’ that TikTok users have loved the most are as follows:

These days, I’m way too lonely
I’m missing out, I know
These days, I’m way too alone
And I’m known for giving love away, but
I want someone who love me
I need someone who needs me

How To participate In ‘I Want Someone To Love Me’?

Image Of How To participate In ‘I Want Someone To Love Me’

The users who have participated in this trend have showcased their current version vs their moody pictures while playing the ‘I Want Someone To Love Me in’ track in the background.

To add some twist in the trend, some users have appeared with their significant other.

This viral trend takes its roots back from the video posted by TikTok user ‘notjalenhurts,’ on 18th December 2021.

While the majority of videos feature the original video, there also are videos that play the edited version of the track. This edited version is being created by ‘music.al.quotes.

A few videos have amassed millions of videos following the element of creativity in it. In such videos, users have initially recorded a goofy and quirky version of themselves followed by a calm and normal avatar to cope with the lyrics.

If you want to be part of this trend, all you are required to do is, record your happy face in the first place. Then, stitch the video with another snippet showing how you feel when you are alone. Read the lyrics and act the way these lyrics say.

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Last Words

‘I Want Someone To Love Me’ song trend is getting more attention with each passing day. If you are struggling to get engagements on your content, this viral trend might of great help.

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