What Is ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ On TikTok — Explained

A new trend is flaunting on the foryou page of TikTok and users are curious to know what the meaning of this viral trend ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ Is. If you are among these users who aren’t aware of this viral trend, you must read this article till the end.

The Chinese video-sharing app has been a popular platform to witness viral trends, challenges, life hacks, and soundtracks. This variety of content has entertained millions of people since its launch. Along with the fun-filled challenges and dance videos, TikTok has also introduced its users to slang terms and phrases. One similar phrase is currently making rounds on the foryou page of TikTok but users are unaware of its meaning.

This recent trend, Why Were You Being Rude’ is becoming immensely popular among the users but what does this trend talk about? Let’s discover together!

Meaning Of ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ On TikTok

Image Of Meaning Of ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ On TikTok

A new TikTok trend, ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ has become popular after a digital creator named ‘Bandxreek’ has created a lip-sync video to it. Now, you must be thinking of who ‘Bandxreek’ actually is, well, he is a video creator, YouTuber, and popular comedian.

Although ‘Bandxreek’ is popular on various social media platforms but he is most popular on the Chinese video-sharing app. On his official TikTok handle, this viral content creator has amassed 680,000 followers and 8.8 million likes for his videos altogether.

He also has a considerable followers count on the photo-sharing app Instagram where he has racked up 20k followers so far. Moreover, he has gained 6,600 subscribers on his YouTube channel also.

‘Bandxreek’ is well known for his comedy sketches and funny content. His recent viral video, in which he is seen lip-syncing to a video called ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ has added to his popularity.

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Why Were You Being Rude Meaning

Image Of Why Were You Being Rude Meaning

The social media content creator and YouTuber, ‘Bandxreek’ is currently trending on TikTok for his lip-sync video of ‘Why was y’all being rude’. He has tilted the video, ‘That one viral video that everybody is posting’. In this viral video, he was lip-syncing and pretending to approach a garden fence and question why his neighbors were rude to his grandfather.

At first, the neighbors seem quite confused and they ask him to step aside from their backyard. Following this, ‘Bandxreek’ continues pretending and getting angrier since they haven’t made the effort to address their attitude and apologize.

In the later part of the video, the argument heats up as both he and the made-up neighbors continue shouting at each other.

However, the original ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ video features a girl who approaches her neighbors after they allegedly had been rude to her grandfather.

Quite similar to Bandxreek’s video, the neighbors in the original video were puzzled about the question from the girl and couldn’t understand why she was making a scene. The argument continues and they start arguing. This video has become quite popular on the internet hence everyone on the video-sharing app is attempting to recreate this scene.

The brainy TikTok users have taken the original audio from the video and used it to create memes and comedy content, hence the trend ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ has become massively popular. Thousands of TikTok users have rolled their own version of the ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ video and are garnering millions of likes and views.

Final Thoughts

This was all about what the ‘Why Were You Being Rude’ trend from TikTok is all about and how it started. Hopefully, you have got all the required information about this viral trend.

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