When Was Walking Invented? Was It Invented In 1983?

Have you ever thought when was walking invented? Sometimes such strange questions got stuck in our minds. Obviously, somewhere, someone started to move on one foot by setting each foot forward with at least one foot on the ground all the time. 

So, who was that legend? When was walking invented? 

Let’s Search When was Walking Invented? 

Let’s find the answers to the question when was walking invented? The simplest and easiest way to find the answer to this question is to search it on the internet or simply Google it. 

Google will bring all information about your question in just a few seconds and It will never disappoint you. 

According to Google walking was invented in 1983 by our deepest, oldest human cousins in Africa.

The answer is hilariously weird and strange at the same time. 

For a second, Just imagine the life of people before 1983? How they could move without walking? For sure, they used to crawl and wriggle to move from one place to another to carry out their daily activities.  

This hilarious answer of Google brought thousands of more questions in my mind.  

How scientists had done all those great inventions before 1983? How Columbus discovered America? What about all those histories of wars fought in the early centuries without even knowing how to walk? 

Image of when walking was invented

Is Google Sometimes Wrong? Is this Wrong Answer of When was Walking Invented? 

Yes, it is the wrong answer. Definitely, we are not expecting such a silly and strange answer from Google but it happens sometimes. Most of the time it depends on the question. There are few questions whose exact answer and relevant information are very hard to obtain.  

No doubt, Google is the best search engine. When we put our query, it searched the most relevant answers present in its database and placed it at the top of the results page as the best answer. It is possible and Google can be wrong. As it is understood that it is not the correct answer to our question.

In the past several time’s Google turns up answers which seem out of the place or weird.  

Once Google declared Barack Obama as the King of the US in 2014. This is not a new problem. Because Google can go with some of its answers by direct results.

There is an extensive amount of data present in the database of Google. It is designed in such a way that it picks up the most relevant information matched to your searched question. 

Sometimes such mistakes become a fun activity for others. Memes creators and other content makers got a topic to create funny content. 

Search When was Running Invented?

According to Google “Running” was invented in 1612. Is it possible that running was invented before walking? This doesn’t make any sense.  

Running was invented after walking because the inventor of running tried to walk twice at the same time and he invented running. 

When Walking was Invented Memes? 

Different meme creators made hilarious memes on when was walking invented? However, this topic grabbed the attention of TikToker’s as well. They also created different content on this topic. 

Image of meme of when was walking invented

So, here we have some of the funniest memes for you on when walking was invented and how people move from one place to another before the invention of walking in 1983.  

Image of when was walking invented meme

We can conclude that the answer 1983 as the year of the invention of walking is totally incorrect. Google search engine searched the most relevant information about when walking was invented? It is obvious that it is not the 20th or 21st-century invention.

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  1. Its making me think hilarious thigs 😂😂😂 great piece of writing 👍👍👍

  2. Nice,even tho i didn’t read but just looked for the 1983 and assumed it was the year it was invented because thats the only year i see- no wonder im a dumbass


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