Yandex Blue China: A New Web Spider To Explore The World

In the world of browsing people are seeking for the best of the best browsing app so that on one click they could search whatever they want. So, here I am introducing you all with an interesting android browser namely Yandex Blue China.

Have you heard of this before? Yes, for sure because it is accepted and received as the most currently overrated browser just as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Mini, and Mozilla Firefox.

image of Yandex Blue China

Want to know more about Yandex Blue China?

A web browser is a software program that permits a user to determine, enter and display web pages. Abbreviated form of Web browser is “Browser”.

Yandex is Russia’s largest app making technology and website. Many users have installed this famous browsing app worldwide and have a overestimate rating on the Google Play store.
I must say Yandex Search engine is worth saving one and you can replace Google with it.

With Yandex Browser application you can easily visit any kind of website e.g Yandex Blue China, you can stream videos and so on. Downloading songs, Games, video applications and social media access are also available here.

How to download Yandex Blue China?

For downloading purpose you need to go and click on downloading button from the google play store so you could get and ungraded version there.

Features Shown by this adorable app

Obviously, it is the fact that the more features we see the more alluring and intriguing it looks and people get more towards it. Millions of people have already gotten attracted towards quality features which made this app unique, are as follow,

  • Visit umpteen websites and stream your favorite videos on the go.
  • It can minimize data usage and boast up web page loading.
  • Can block annoying advertisements on websites
  • It can protect your privacy just a true friend does.
  • It has a friendly interface so that you can understand in seconds just looking at it.
  • We can shape its background with our favorite wall papers.

You can get the following and much more on the go.


By using Yandex Blue China, you can be the first person to know about the latest news of the world. You will get to know all types of news about celebrity, crime, accidents, the latest songs, and much more.

Online Videos

We will get to know about the latest videos shared on the internet about cooking, Dancing, Makeup tutorials, and much more. It will provide you up to date content you always wished for.

Android Games

It can provide you best gaming zone where you can choose your any kind of game puzzle, 3D and other ones on the go. You can download it in seconds just on one click.


In this era of competition of technologies Yandex Blue China has stood out well in this pool of websites which offers internet browsing, social connections, news and so on.

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