Who Are Quran And Cheryl — The Weird TikTok Couple

A TikTok couple with a 37-year age gap is becoming popular on the app. Here you will find who Quran And Cheryl are and what are they popular for. Stay tuned!

Since its launch in 2016, we have witnessed millions of people joining the app and becoming popular. Some users have become popular for their skills while many others have become famous just for their personality and looks. There also are couples, who have got publicity for sharing their daily life activities. Unlike the common couples of TikTok, we have witnessed a pair who are together despite having a 37-year age gap.

We are talking about none other than Quran And Cheryl, who has recently become popular for breaking the dating stacks. Here is more about the couple who is often mistaken for grandmother and grandson.

Who Are Quran And Cheryl On TikTok

Image Of Who Are Quran And Cheyrl

Quran And Cheryl are the viral TikTok couple from Georgia, USA. They have broken all the stigmas stereotypes surrounding relationships. The chemistry between these two has proved that age is just a number.

The couple has documented their relationship in a video rolled by a handle named @ttvleolove_3, where they normally share trending, dance, and challenge videos. This special couple has accumulated a fan base of 823,000 followers from all around the world.

This couple has become so popular that their story is even covered by famous social media pages operated on Snapchat and Instagram. This relationship has amazed people across the globe and internet users are snooping to know more about this couple.

The couple first met when Quran was just 15-years-old, but there wasn’t any such intention of being in a relationship at that time. At that moment, both Quran and Cheryl were working a Dairy Queen restaurant in Rome, Georgia. Later, they lost contact and were reunited in the year 2020.

The story began when Quran walked into Cheryl’s workplace and found that she was upset. The reason behind her being upset was the harsh comments she received on her TikTok videos. Initially, they kept things simple but soon they fell in love and they started posting on TikTok together.

Quran And Cheryl Age Difference

Image Of Quran And Cheryl Age Difference

Despite being called a grandmother and grandson, the couple is living their life happily. For the couple, the age factor doesn’t really matter. While talking to LadBible, Quran said, “Even though it is an age gap we never think of it because Cheryl has a very young spirit, soul, and heart.”

To this, Cheryl added: “There’s just something between him and I. I never thought we would be together like this, he’s just an amazing person. There’s a different type of chemistry with him even though he’s younger.”

You must be amazed to know that Cheryl is only six years younger than Quran’s grandmother. Also, Cheryl’s youngest daughter is three years older than Quran.

While talking about their families, they stated that Quran’s family is quite fine with the relationship but some of Cheryl’s children have turned against her.

Whether being accepted by their families or not, Chery and Quran are living a happy life which is the most important thing.

While talking to LadBile, Quran further said, “At the end of the day everyone’s gonna judge you for something so you might as well do what you feel is right and never let someone take your peace”.

The couple is doing great despite the harsh comments they receive from people online and in their surroundings.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Quran and Cheryl who are together even after having a 37-year-old age gap. Hopefully, you have found all information about this special TikTok couple.

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