Is Riley Black Cancelled? Here’s All About The TikTok Star

Riley Black is a popular TikTok content creator with over 1 Million followers, but recently news claiming that she is being cancelled is flaunting across the app. If you are curious to know whether or not Riley Black is cancelled, we have gathered all the information here. Stay tuned and get enlightened with all details you need to know.

Launched in 2016, TikTok has a user count of 1 Bn. It has also given fame to thousands of content creators from every corner of the world. Some of the content creators are youngsters who got fame in the early period of life and there also are TikTok stars who have got fame in their old age.

Riley Black is among the young stars who amassed immense popularity at a very young age. However, news claiming she is being cancelled by her fans is going viral on the platform. Let’s find out whether this viral news is legit or not.

Who Is Riley Black?

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Riley Black is a content creator who has a following of over 1m on the video-sharing Chinese platform. Although fans remain loyal to their idols sometimes they may also cancel the celebrity for not meeting their expectations. Quite similar is claimed to happened with Riley Black recently. But the news isn’t received from an authentic source so far.

Riley earned impressive popularity at a very young age. She is currently just 18-year-old and she handles a fanbase of over 1 million. On all of her videos, Riley has amassed over 48.8 Million hearts. Her TikTok bio reads “Hi I like hello kitty and pink“.

The content she rolls over TikTok, mainly contains random videos, outfit videos, anime and gaming-related content. In some of the videos, she also has shared her (Hello Kitty inspired) bedroom decor.

Besides TikTok, Riley is quite popular on Instagram as well. You can find her on Instagram under the username @ @rileyblack2, where she has gained over 113k followers. Riley remains active on her Instagram account as well.

Why Is Riley Black Cancelled?

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According to some random sources, Riley Black is said to be cancelled by her followers. But one must not rely on this news as it is not confirmed from a legit source. According to the buzz she is being cancelled on August 22nd, 2021. However, we couldn’t spot any single reason that justifies her cancellation.

We went through all her TikTok videos and weren’t able to spot any content that breaches TikTok’s guidelines. The latest video she has posted showcases her moving towards her college. So, there isn’t any reason to cancel the TikTok star from the app.

Riley has also shared a lot about her life on the video-sharing app. According to the available information, Riley works at Claire’s Accessories. She also has a boyfriend. This current viral star has also shared a video of her father. In short, Riley has discussed most elements of her life on social media sites.

In the majority of the video, Riley has talked about subjects including alcohol poisoning, eating disorders and more. She has also shared her bad experiences including being bullied at a very young age. Riley has also shared the process of her glow-up in one of her videos.

After considering her recent posts and the old ones, we believe that the news about her cancellation wasn’t legit. You may also check her official TikTok handle by following her on @rileyblackk.

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Bottom Line

According to the currently available information, Riley isn’t cancelled on TikTok. So, users must not rely on the rumours flaunting across the app. Follow Riley on TikTok @rileyblackk to stay updated!

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