Who Is Benny Boy On TikTok — All About Bentellect Trend

The current viral trend on TikTok is talking about some “Benny Boy” and users are curious to know who he is. If you are among these users snooping to know about the viral “Benny Boy” then you must read this article till the end.

TikTok is known for its viral trends and challenges. Right after the viral Alabama rush video trend, a new trend is setting grounds to go viral. This current trend known on TikTok as “Bentellect Trend” is flooding the foryou page of the video-sharing app.

While the trend goes viral, several users are on a mission to know about the viral “Benny Boy” who is a popular content creator. Here is more about this viral content creator and the viral Bentellect Trend on TikTok. Stay Tuned!

What Is Bentellect TikTok Trend

Image Of What Is Bentellect TikTok Trend

Bentellect trend is the current viral trend of TikTok. This video has gone viral after some viral videos rolled by a content creator named Bentellect. Bentellect also known as “Benny boy” refers to himself as the “facts man.”

He is quite popular on the video-sharing app. So far, he has amassed 8 million followers on his official TikTok handle. Bentellect often posts content that includes commenting on certain topics. From talking about funny viral videos to viral Twitter threads, he finds a way or another to keep his followers entertained.

Due to his unique and captivating content, every video he shares amass millions of views. All of his videos have racked up more than a million views so far. Considering his popularity across the platform, the brainy heads of TikTok have come up with a whole new trend. This Bentellect TikTok Trend involves playing any of Bentellect’s videos and adding a creepy picture in the latter part of the video.

Benny Boy And Bentellect TikTok Trend

Image Of Benny Boy And Bentellect TikTok Trend

The Benny Boy And Bentellect TikTok Trend have become quite popular on the Chinese video-sharing app. This trend has reached the surface quite randomly so it doesn’t have an eye-catching backstory. Some TikTok users believe that the Bentellect TikTok Trend is the most random trend so far.

To complete the trend, users start playing one of Bentellect’s videos, in the latter part of the video they add a picture of something creepy. To make it sound spooky users also add a strange voiceover which often warns ‘Benny boy’ to be careful.

This weird voice is created by TikTok’s text-to-speech feature. This audio can be used for any of the video content created by Bentellect. If you are unable to find this audio, simply search for ‘bennyboy‘ audio on the platform and you will get the audio.

Users on TikTok have used this audio snippet with so many videos. The audio says, “The only thing that doesn’t exist anymore is you Benny boy after we suck your soul from your body.”

Some users are wondering to know whether Bentellect has an idea of any such trend, well yes! He knows that such a trend is currently flaunting on TikTok. This popular TikTok star has even reacted to one of the videos rolled by users. He captioned this video “LMAO”.

Bentellect is sharing a number of videos from the Bentellect trend. Seems like he is enjoying the trend to its fullest and he doesn’t mind people creating such content.

This viral trend seems to go so far as thousands of users are hopping into the trend. The hashtag BentellectTrend has also garnered millions of views so far.

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Last Words

This was all about who benny boy from TikTok is and also about the viral Bentellect Trend from TikTok. Hopefully, you have got all the required information you needed to know.

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