Who Is Brooke On TikTok? Rip Brooke Trending On TikTok

RIP Brooke is trending on TikTok which has left the users wondering about who Brooke is on TikTok and why are users getting behind her. If you too are annoyed by this RIP Brooke trend on TikTok, we have got you covered. Below we have gathered all the details about who Brooke on TikTok is and why is she making an impact on the video-sharing app. Keep reading to get all the details.

We get to hear bizarre things on TikTok with each passing minute. With every scroll, you get to see a new story that makes no sense and it makes you anxious to dig out more information about it. What’s even worse is that video creators won’t tell you all the details and make you wander to find more information about it.

The latest story RIP Brooke on TikTok is quite similar to all other stories that are making the users curious to dig for more information about the story. This viral hashtag got traction online after a user named Shelby Sevier uploaded a video clip. Following this clip, some users are commemorating a woman named Brooke Sevier. This trend has made TikTok users curious to know who Brooke on TikTok is and how did she die. If you are among these users, below we have gathered all the details for you.

Keep reading to know all the available details about who Brooke on TikTok is and why is she trending online.

Why Is RIP Brooke Trending On TikTok?

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The viral video posted by the TikTok handle shelbysevierr featured a woman who talked about her family and was revealed to be a mother of three.

She shared a series of photos IT starts off with a pregnancy photo of a brunette woman, whom she declares to be Brooke.

The caption of this viral video read, “That is my daughter in that cute belly, but this isn’t me”. In the video, she reveals that Brooke is her daughter, Savannah’s biological mother. The video further revealed that Brooke passed away during childbirth. Thus, TikTok is now honoring Brooke with the hashtag, RIP Brooke.

Shelby further reveals in the video that Brooke was married to her now-husband Steve for four years before her death. She also shared pictures of herself meeting Savannah, who was still a baby at the time. “She’s absolutely perfect,” she exclaimed in the video.

She further reported that Steve and Shelby “fell in love pretty quick” and soon became engaged, though some thought “it was too quick”. They later welcomed their biological sons in 2020 and 2021, but “always keep Brooke’s memory alive for Savannah”, Shelby added in the video.

Who Is Brooke On TikTok?

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So, RIP Brooke is trending online just because of the video that Shelby posted on the platform and it went viral.

As the video has reached millions of TikTok users, they have started sharing their opinions about the family. Some have shown concern over how quickly Steve moved on from Brooke while others believe that Savannah looks a few months old when she met Shelby.

To these users curious to know the age of Savannah Shelby replied by saying, she met Steve at Brooke’s baby shower.

After reaching millions of users on the video-sharing app, the TikTok handle of Shelby and the viral video are not accessible.

As per Brooke’s obituary, Brooke was just 30 when she passed in September 2016 in La Mesa, California. After getting to know about Brooke’s story, several TikTok users have left flowers for her.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about who Brooke on TikTok is and why are the TikTok users so concerned about her. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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