Who Is Nala Ray? Here’s All You Need To Know

Netizens are snooping across the internet to find details about the OnlyFans star, whose pictures got leaked recently. Who is Nala Ray and who is responsible for leaking her private snaps? Let’s discover.

The popular model and OnlyFans star Nala Ray is making headlines on social media as her private pictures emerged on the internet recently. Currently, we couldn’t find details about who is responsible for leaking the images but the pictures are making rounds on Reddit and many other social media platforms.

Users on Twitter claim that this OnlyFans model belongs to a strict religious family who has joined OnlyFans to increase her net worth. Here is more about the viral OnlyFans model Nala Ray and her viral pictures.

Nala Ray’s Pictures Got Leaked On Reddit

Image Of Nala Ray’s Pictures Got Leaked On Reddit

Nala Ray known on social media as ‘Fitness Nala’ has gone viral on the Internet following her leaked pictures. Earlier, she amassed a considerable number of followers on social media for her sensational posts.

Nala, whose original name is unknown has garnered a considerable number of followers on her social media accounts so far. On Instagram, the OnlyFans star’s username goes as, fitness_nala, where she has a followers count of over 231K. She has rolled over 200 sizzling pictures and videos on her Instagram so far.

You can also find her on Twitter, her official Twitter handle goes as @Fitnessnala. According to her Twitter bio, she is currently 23-year-old. Nala had joined Twitter in January 2020 and she has amassed over 282K followers in a very short time span.

Her Twitter account further reveals that she is an Italian and is currently living in LA.

Nala is mainly popular for her OnlyFans account that she launched in May 2020. Within the first month of creating her OnlyFans account, Nala amassed over $85,000 (£62,000). Discussing her earnings with Lad Bible, Nala revealed that she is currently earning more than a million each month. She said, “I made my first million in six months and now I make $330,000 (£238,000) a month.”

Nala Ray Bio, Age, Family

Image Of Nala Ray Bio, Age, Family

Nala Ray has revealed that she belongs to a strict religious family. Her father was the local pastor, hence she spent her childhood in a tight-knit religious community. She spent her childhood along with her 4 siblings in Illinois before moving to LA.

While talking about her past life, Nala revealed that she felt suffocated while living among religious people. She was also against the Church’s disapproval of pre-marital S*x. Nala said, “The church dominated the day-to-day and as a pastor family I felt pressure to be a role model”.

Before she left her home to pursue her career as a model, she spent most of her time volunteering with the church’s choir groups, acting club, and youth Bible Study.

“It was difficult. I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up or provocative clothes, and the community didn’t approve of social media or dating either”, Nala further added.

The OnlyFans model always tried to escape her suffocating life but she finally got the chance when she started a job. Soon, she made the decision to leave her native place to start her career. The popular model then moved to LA at the age of 16. Lana soon moved to LA. “Even then, as a 16-year-old pastor’s daughter, I knew that s*x work would be my calling,” she said.

Currently, Nala has become immensely popular across the internet. She has also made an appearance on the Porn Hub podcast ‘S*x Work Talk’.

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Bottom Line

This was all about who Nala Ray is and how she began her career as an OnlyFans star. Hopefully, you have all the available information about this popular fitness model.

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  1. Her real name is Mickayla Jessie Watkins. She lived in Venice Florida with her parents for years. She is listed on sunbiz.org as the owner of Nala Productions LLC.


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